Mon 13 September 2021 15:22, UK

TikTok users have noticed the excessive use of 🪑 and wonder about the meaning of the chair emoji. Here’s everything you need to know.

New trends appear and disappear on TikTok all the time, leaving users confused about how they first started and have become so popular.

Lately, a lot of people have been using the 🪑 emoji on the social media platform but what does it exactly mean?

TikTok – Walking Creativity Trailer

TikTok – Walking Creativity Trailer

Meaning of 🪑 on TikTok

The meaning of the chair emoji is a laughing emoji.

The reason that people are using it to laugh at things is apparently British YouTuber KSI and an inside joke he used in an old clip.

A previous YouTube video shows KSI laughing and saying “look at that chair”. Users relate the chair image to the influencer’s contagious laugh which is why many think that the chair emoji is being used as a substitute to the laughing one by Gen Z.

KSI recently posted a couple of videos that included the chair emoji as a caption, leading to a whole trend where people use the same emoji to caption funny videos or laugh at random stuff.

What do users think about the trend?

It’s safe to say the chair emoji left many people baffled about its meaning and use on TikTok.

“Why are [people] on TikTok laughing with chair emojis, what’s so funny about [them]?” asked one Twitter user.

Another one said: “If y’all don’t know why TikTok comments are absolutely full of the chair emojis, it’s a KSI inside joke, so basically, the chair emoji is basically a replacement for the laughing emoji or some s***.”

“Am I old? Why are people commenting the chair emoji all over TikTok?” asked someone else to which another user replied: “The new laughing emoji apparently.”

Other popular trends on TikTok

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