**WARNING – Major Spoilers Ahead for Lucifer Season 6**

Fans of the devilish Mr. Morningstar are currently circling in a bittersweet hell themselves after the definitive end of the Netflix show Lucifer.

Season 6 has supplied a rather neat end for the suited angel, which includes closure for Lucifer’s relationship with his daughter and antagonist, Rory. A burning question throughout this final season targeted the reason why Lucifer abandoned her and we have some answers straight from the final episode. 

Lucifer | Final Season Trailer | Netflix

Lucifer | Final Season Trailer | Netflix

Why Did Lucifer Abandon Rory in Season 6?

It was revealed in Season 6 Episode 10 that Lucifer left Rory at a pivotal moment in her life so that he could fulfill his role as Hell’s own therapist.

After years of receiving therapy from Dr. Linda, Lucifer excepts, once and for all, that he does not want to become God.

Instead, he plans to utilize all of the knowledge gained on Earth, and through Dr. Linda’s sessions, to become a therapist for all of the damned souls in Hell, with the endgame being to get them to Heaven.

The event that triggered Rory to travel back in time to punish Lucifer for abandoning her involved his absence when future Chloe was lying on her deathbed. However, it is revealed that Lucifer and Chloe have a mutual understanding of how Chloe belongs to Earth and Lucifer to Hell to fulfill his new therapist role, which somewhat excuses him from being absent.


Lucifer Ending Explained

With Lucifer deciding not to become God, this role is passed to his brother, Amenadiel, who ends up ascending while Lucifer becomes Hell’s therapist. 

Ella runs the foundation with Carol and we also see Dan in heaven with Charlotte Richards. Additionally, we get a peek at Amenadiel’s wings during Charlie’s birthday.

As Lucifer’s reasons for abandonment become clear, Rory returns to her present-day to be with a dying Chloe as she passes away on Earth. Chloe is then reunited with Lucifer in Hell, where they maintain their partnership.

Lucifer Season 6 is now available to stream on Netflix.

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