The new season of Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ has proven to be as much of a hit as its predecessor, with fans tuning in to see the continuation of AFC Richmond and Jason Sudeikis’ mentoring as the titular coach.

With a month still to go before the finale of Season 2, fans are curious to know how many episodes are left and we also explore the show’s return for Season 3.

Ted Lasso — Season 2 Official Trailer

Ted Lasso — Season 2 Official Trailer

How Many Episodes In Ted Lasso Season 2?

Ted Lasso Season 2 has 12 episodes in total, airing weekly, every Friday, on Apple TV+.

Season 2 kicked off on July 23, 2021 and the finale is scheduled to release on Friday, October 8.

Season 2 consists of an extra two episodes this time, exceeding the ten episodes of its predecessor season.

The premise of Season 2 followed on from Season 1’s conclusion, which saw AFC Richmond get downgraded from the Premier League to the Championship. The club continues to suffer a series of draws, with star striker Dani Rojas getting a case of the yips, and Season 2 also focuses on Ted’s leadership towards the FA Cup.

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Has Ted Lasso Been Renewed for Season 3?

Yes, Ted Lasso has been renewed for Season 3 by Apple TV+.

With the Season 2 finale scheduled for the beginning of October, and its hat-trick renewal status being announced back in October 2020, fans can expect to see Season 3 kick off during the summer of 2022 – based on when previous seasons were released.

Sudeikis, Brendan Hunt, Nick Mohammed, Hannah Waddingham, Juno Temple, and Jeremy Swift are all expected to return for the third match – unless something shocking happens within the remaining four episodes of Season 2.

Juno Temple previously spoke about the mystery surrounding her character, Keeley, and her progression within the series, and fans will have to wait until the conclusion of Season 2 to find out the plot of its successor.

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