**WARNING – Spoilers Ahead for Lucifer Season 6**

After five years on air, the Netflix show Lucifer has come to an end with Season 6, after an emotional final chapter between Lucifer and his future daughter, Rory.

With Lucifer’s ascension to become God up in the air and antagonist Rory causing even more problems for the fallen angel, Season 6 has provided a neat end for the character. However, fans also want to know if Detective Dan Espinoza was able to say goodbye to his daughter Trixie before the show ended.

Lucifer | Final Season Trailer | Netflix

Lucifer | Final Season Trailer | Netflix

Does Dan Get to Say Goodbye to Trixie?

Yes, Dan is able to tell Trixie how much he cared for her by temporarily possessing the body of another man.

Dan goes to visit Trixie at camp, who ends up performing some self-defense moves on him as she believes he is a stranger.

Dan manages to convince Trixie that the man he is inhabiting is a close friend of Maze and her dad, revealing things only Dan would know.

Speaking through “Belios” – the name Dan has given to the man he is possessing – Dan tells Trixie that she is “the most loving daughter,” tells her how much he cared for her and that he was sorry for leaving her.

Trixie tells Dan that she is proud of him and that he’ll always be with her, which triggers Dan’s ability to see the light.

How Did Dan Die in Season 5?

Within the episode, ‘Is This Really How It’s Going to End?’, during Season 5, Dan is on the hunt for Amenadiel’s Necklace, which is also being pursued by French mercenaries hired by Michael in order to assemble the Flaming Sword.

While attempting to warn a potential victim about the looming mercenaries, Dan is subsequently kidnapped by them.

After an interrogation, Dan attempts to flee and successfully kills one of the guards holding him hostage. However, during his escape, Dan is shot multiple times.

While Dan tries desperately to stay alive, Chloe eventually finds him and the detective dies in her arms.

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