Extravagant jewelry is one of the first things you notice in most rappers these days. But, Dan Sur has left everyone speechless by getting gold hair implants and fans are curious to know how much he’s worth since he appears to have spent a fortune on his makeover. 

The Mexican rapper has been more than happy to share his unusual makeover with his followers on TikTok and Instagram. Even though a lot is being discussed about Dan Suri’s gold hair implants, he first debuted them on social media months ago.

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What we know of Dan Sur’s net worth

Dan not only has gold hair implants, but he also has a gold grill on his teeth. In his latest TikTok video, the rapper even showed fans how he cleans his gold-covered teeth. 

Naturally, anybody that saw him show off this amount of gold couldn’t help but wonder how much he is worth. 

Dan is by no means a popular artist when compared to some of the other names in the industry. He only has around 16,000 subscribers on YouTube and about 39,000 followers on Instagram. However, his net worth will surely surprise you.

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According to Heightzone, the rapper could have a net worth of “well over $10 million” as of 2021. 

It appears as if his career in music has contributed to his fortune. The rapper is known for songs such as Dan Sur and Se Siente Sola. 

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Dan Sur before and after surgery explored 

Dan has claimed that he is the first rapper to have ever got gold locks on his head. While we can admit that his transformation has definitely gained a lot of attention, his look before the surgery was not bad by any means. 

Dan’s old Instagram posts show him don medium-length black hair, which was sometimes worn in dreadlocks. It also seems like he got the gold grill on his teeth recently because his posts from 2020 show him in his natural teeth. 

The rapper shared the first picture of himself with gold hair in April 2021. In the same post, he was seen wearing a golden necklace around his neck while carrying blocks of gold on one shoulder. Dan sure loves to flaunt his gold, no doubt!

‘I have it as a hook that is implanted in my head and that hook has hooks and they are all hooked in my skull, under my skin,” he said.

The rapper noted that he wanted to do something different, which made him get a drastic makeover. But, he hasn’t revealed the details of the surgery or how much it cost him just yet. 

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Twitter reacts to gold hair implants 

While Dan wanted to stand out with his looks, not everyone is convinced with his gold hair implants. Twitter users have shared mixed opinions about the rapper’s new look. 

One tweeted: “Are we human? or are we Dan Sur”

Another tweeted, “Mad ooh!!! Rapper, Dan Sur, Surgically Implants Gold Chains Into His Head”

“Dan Sur after 3 days,” joked another.

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