Netflix’s He’s All That has garnered a lot of attention ever since its release. While many fans have had mixed feelings about the movie itself, they certainly admired Addison Rae’s chic style in her lead role as Padgett Sawyer.

Although He’s All That did not swoon all movie lovers, the film certainly had many ingredients to make it a likeable teen comedy for Gen Z. Not only did it star TikTok’s most popular face as the lead, the film’s story was relatable to many new-age movie lovers as well.

He’s All That also guest-starred celebs like Kourtney Kardashian and Rachel Leigh Cook.

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5 chicest outfits Addison Rae wore in ‘He’s All That’

The costume design for He’s All That was one of the better things about it. The film’s outfits featured some TikTok brands and had plenty of nods to its 1999 counterpart. Denise Wingate, who worked on the 90s film, was the returning costume designer for this movie as well.

Take a look at five chic outfits Addison donned as Padgett in the film.

Multicoloured knit dress

Screenshot from Netflix|YouTube| He’s All That | Official Trailer

At the start of the film, during Padgett’s first interaction with her mom, we see the teen don a patterned, multi-coloured knit dress. In a way, the dress sets a tone for Padgett’s chic yet soft style throughout the film.

The tropical pink dress

Befitting her schoolgirl persona, Padgett dons a tropical looking short pink dress layered with a pink cardigan. The whole look topped with a pink bag certainly gives a 90s feel.

The tweed violet blazer

Screenshot from Netflix|YouTube| He’s All That | Official Trailer

This has got to be a favourite for us. As Padgett, Addison is dressed in a horse rider’s attire tip to toe. The tweed blazer, tight black pants and shoes give off a chic yet adventurous vibe. The fishtail hairdo complements the look immensely.

The Embroidered bikini top

Screenshot from Netflix|YouTube| He’s All That | Official Trailer

While the world is moving towards minimalist swimwear and clothing in general, He’s All That goes a different way. As Padgett, Addison dons a heavily embroidered, maximalist white coloured bikini top in the pool party scene of the film.

It is the same part where we are subjected to the TikTok star’s excruciating singing!

The sequined fringe dress

Screenshot from Netflix|YouTube| He’s All That | Official Trailer

Addison totally rocked this look. The TikTok star is dressed in a heavily sequined fringe dress topped with feathered shoulders. The sparkling headband gave the look a new life.

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