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Arsenal-supporting comedian Romesh Ranganathan couldn’t wait to put the boot into Ashley Cole, on a League of their Own, which was broadcast (09/09/21 at 9 pm).

Ranganathan claimed that Cole’s ‘betrayal’ of Arsenal, when he left for Chelsea in 2006, started the ‘decline’ of the North London club.

What-If EVERY Premier League Team Was A Country

What-If EVERY Premier League Team Was A Country

At the time, Arsenal weren’t far off coming out of their invincible season, but the newly-rich Chelsea were the new loud kids on the block.

Ranganathan hilariously claimed that when he watches Arsenal his kid looks at him and asks ‘why’, as the Arsenal fan, Cole and Redknapp had this exchange on A League of their Own.

“It’s captain, leader, Judas, it’s Ashley Cole,” said Ranganathan, as he introduced the ex-Chelsea man to the show.

“Listen, Ashley, the last time you were on the show I was a bit nasty to you because I was sort of annoyed about your betrayal of Arsenal. But I want to put all of that behind us. I am older and wiser now. I want us to be mates. 

“I want us to put behind the fact that you leaving signalled the decline of Arsenal that we haven’t really received from. Just the other day, I was watching Arsenal and one of my sons looked at me and said ‘Why?’ But I am past it now.”

Cole responded by saying: “I appreciate that.”

Redknapp also added: “You are past it, yet you just mentioned the word betray and the fact that Ashley leaving was the decline of your football club. I don’t think you are over it, to be honest.” 

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All joking aside, it is pretty scary as to how far Arsenal have fallen during these years.

Even back then, many felt that the North London club, under Arsene Wenger, weren’t doing enough by just qualifying for the Champions League. 

Yet fast forward to today, and the club can’t even finish in Europe and there are no signs that will end. 

Perhaps Wenger wasn’t bad, after all? And the real problem lies with those running the ship because it’s been the footballing version of Titanic in North London. 

Arsenal may improve this season, or these coming years, but until Stan Kroenke and Co. sell up then they might find that challenging for the Premier League title and winning it might have to wait a little longer yet. 

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