The ongoing drama between Ryan Kavanaugh and YouTuber Ethan Klein just got more dramatic as the H3 Podcast host has claimed that the Triller CEO threatened him in a direct message. 

The duo had previously made headlines when they got entangled in a lawsuit drama that saw Ryan sue Ethan for allegedly re-broadcasting the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren fight on his podcast. 

Ethan, who had previously stated that he wasn’t “scared” of the lawsuit, did a dramatic reading of DMs sent by Ryan Kavanaugh in his recent video. 

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Did Ryan Kavanaugh threaten Ethan Klein?

On September 9, Ethan shared a video on H3 Podcast’s official YouTube channel, titled Finally Releasing The DMs

In the video, Ethan reveals that Ryan sent him multiple messages on July 11th and goes on to do a dramatic reading of the texts as they are displayed on the screen. 

The alleged message sent by Ryan reads: “Ethan I am not sure why you have decided to take it upon yourself and your show to malign, attack, slander, and defame me.

“I do not know you. I also don’t know why you are spending thousands of dollars to have thousands of dummy accounts post fake statements about me on my Instagram and tens of thousands to have fake App store reviews of Triller.”

The next few lines show Ryan allegedly telling Ethan to “stop and mitigate your damage.” He further calls Ethan a “disturbed human” for attacking someone with “false information.”

“You have been warned and I will not be threatened and maligned and stand by idly. Govern yourself accordingly,” the message concludes. 

The Matrix Resurrections | Official Trailer

The Matrix Resurrections | Official Trailer

Lawsuit drama explored 

In May, Ethan was sued by Ryan’s company, Triller, for re-broadcasting the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren fight on his podcast. 

Ethan, however, denied the accusations and even went on to call him a Harvey Weinstein lookalike. He said they were trying to make him pay thousands of dollars and called it a total shakedown.

The YouTuber laughed off the $100 million lawsuit. He said: “They put so little effort into the complaint, it just seems like a shakedown, a headline trying to scare people to do the $49.99 thing.”

YouTuber’s fans troll Triller CEO

After learning about the DMs Ethan allegedly received from Ryan, his fans took to Twitter to troll the latter. Many are seen dragging the CEO of Triller for his previous controversies as they showed support to Ethan. 

One tweeted: “He has a striking resemblance to Harvey Weinstein not sure if you feel the same.”

Another fan said: “Ryan Kavanaugh the Hollywood guy from the MeToo movement? I always forget.”

“The fact that Ryan Kavanaugh is suing @h3h3productions for FREEDOM OF SPEECH is just hysterical. also, he does resemble Harvey Weinstein,” tweeted another.