We all have our little obsessions…

Coffee FIRST thing in the morning, that song that you can’t go a day without playing over 10 times, a favourite colour which has invaded 95% of your wardrobe. It’s the same for TV.

There are some shows that are, well, more than a show. They’re an entirely new reality to lose yourself in. Take the journey, be immersed, never look back.

For many, Riverdale has become such an obsession.

Developed by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and based on Archie Comics characters, the teen drama premiered in 2017 and it didn’t take long at all for audiences to fall infatuated with it.

Over the years, fans have grown to love it more and more. So, it’s hardly surprising that most are eager and perhaps even a little afraid to know when it will end. For the time being, that means we’re asking how many episodes of Riverdale season 5 there are.

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How many episodes of Riverdale season 5 are there?

Season 5 of Riverdale is made up of 19 episodes in total.

Although, the fifth season was split into two parts and the first concluded with episode 10 – ‘”Chapter Eighty-Six: The Pincushion Man” – back in March 2021.

After going on hiatus for more than a few months, the season resumed with the second batch of episodes in August, picking things up with ‘Chapter Eighty-Seven: Strange Bedfellows’

Since then, episodes have been airing weekly and the finale – Chapter Ninety-Five: Riverdale: RIP(?) – is expected to arrive on screens on Wednesday, October 6th 2021.

Fans will also know that there’s no keeping Riverdale down for long, so let’s take a quick moment to look even further ahead into the show’s future.

Is Riverdale renewed for season 6?

You’d better believe it!

Season 6 has already been confirmed and has a release date, with the first episode arriving on The CW on Tuesday, November 16, at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT.

With season 5 yet to conclude, little is known regarding the plot of the forthcoming season. However, it’s likely that we can expect a bulk of the central cast to reprise their roles, as long as there aren’t any major character deaths or departures lurking around the corner in season 5.

Dexter: New Blood | Official Trailer | Showtime

Dexter: New Blood | Official Trailer | Showtime

“I think Riverdale ends when…”

We all have our theories on how Riverdale may eventually end down the line, but obviously, none of us can be certain.

If anybody knows, it’s creator Robert Aguirre-Sacasa, and he recently teased a potential conclusion detail while reflecting on the graduation episode: “The graduation episode definitely feels like that is the end of a big story that we started in the pilot and it kind of hearkens back to when we first pitched Riverdale.

“Some of the executives that we pitched it to said: ‘So is this just a high school show?’ I remember thinking: ‘Gosh I hope not, I hope it continues into young adulthood.’ It’s funny, I remember back in the day saying: ‘To me, I think Riverdale ends when Archie has a child.’”

He added: “But without a doubt, the graduation episode feels like a pretty big end of a chapter, and in a way, episode four is a pretty hard reboot, but still Riverdale-ian.”

Does that mean there’s plenty of gas in the tank for more seasons following the sixth? We’ll have to wait and see; in Riverdale, anything’s possible.

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