A resurfaced video seeing what is apparently an older male teacher ‘hug’ a student from behind is making the rounds on TikTok.

TikTok users are concerned about the pupil shown in the footage.

Watch the viral resurfaced teacher video

In a resurfaced clip, a male teacher seemingly hugs a student before waving the camera away.

The footage is surfacing on Twitter, but gained a notable amount of attention after user @jimyofficialbackup posted the video on TikTok alongside a commentary.

The reposted clip has gained over 50k likes and over 2k comments.

It isn’t clear when the video was originally taken, although the TikTok comment section suggests around two or three years ago.

TikTok reacts to controversial video

Users in the TikTok comment section have gotten pretty vocal with some strong opinions towards the resurfaced clip.

One user commented: “The girl in the video needs give us an update, is she ok? what they do afterwards? did she get in trouble likes there’s so much unanswered.”

Another wrote: “This was 2 years ago … he was charged.”

Somebody else took to the comment section: “why he hug her like that tho?”

“What he think he doing?”

“uhhh that’s not ok!”

“Nah you can see how she was uncomfortable and didn’t know how to react properly.”

What happened to the teacher?

It’s not clear what happened to the teacher following the viral video.

Whilst some TikTok users suggest that the student pressed charges, one Twitter user claimed that the teacher still worked in education.

On September 8th, user @icyycee tweeted: “it’s the fact he still teaching in schools. he was a sub at my old high school and I saw him this YEAR at my siblings graduation.”

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