Michelle Lewis has opened up about on the anniversary since her husband’s critical health condition last year.

The bodybuilder and social media personality shared a lengthy message on Instagram, one year after her partner, Jimmy Lewin, was hospitalised.

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Who are Michelle and Jimmy Lewin?

Michelle and Jimmy are fitness models and bodybuilders.

They met in Venezuela and quickly became are one of the best-known fitness couples on social media.

Both of them enjoy a large follower count on Instagram. Jimmy has 842,000 followers on his profile, while Michelle has gained 14.1 million fans.

Michelle has a YouTube channel where she has 394k subscribers since she launched it in 2011.

Michelle Lewin on YouTube

What happened with Jimmy Lewin?

Jimmy suffered a life-threatening acute liver failure in September 2020. He was hospitalised but managed to make a good recovery.

“I will be away from social media for a while, to accompany my loving husband JIMMY LEWIN, who is in critical condition with acute liver failure,” Michelle wrote at the time when Jimmy was taken to a hospital.

“I ask you from my heart to pray for his health, so that his strength and will to live help him recover and move forward. I also pray to God that the doctors make the right decisions and that we can soon get out of this difficult situation.”

Michelle Lewin talks about her husband’s health

A year after Jimmy was hospitalised, Michelle opened up about the devastating moment they went through.

She thanked her friends and fans for their prayers and touching messages.

Michelle wrote (translated to English): “A year after the storm…Say that after the storm there is calmness. But in addition, it brings evolution, learning, faith, union, love, understanding and acceptance.

“I can close my eyes and feel like I was out yesterday. I continue to be sad. I came back to feel the agony I had lived for a year and I couldn’t control my tears. I will come back to remember those dark and gloomy moments when I found myself so disoriented and alone.

“One day like today, Jimmy entered the hospital at 7am. And at 5 pm the doctors told me that THERE WAS NOTHING TO DO, because his state of health was very compromised and it would be better to warn their parents to prepare for the worst. Imagine feeling your world coming down, from night to morning.”

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