Skins star Kathryn Prescott is currently in the ICU after meeting with a road accident on September 7. The news regarding her hospitalization was announced by her twin sister, Megan Prescott, on her personal Instagram. 

Megan revealed that Kathryn was hit by a cement truck while crossing the road.

She shared in her post that Kathryn has broken her pelvis in two places, both of her legs, her feet and left hand. She also said that the actress “narrowly avoided paralysis”.

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Megan Prescott seeks fans’ help

Megan has taken to Instagram to seek fans’ help as she’s unable to fly down to New York to see her twin. 

In the long Instagram post, Megan has explained that she requested the US embassy to exempt her from current restrictions pertaining to COVID-19, which restricts the travel of non-US citizens into the US. 

She has further noted that her sister is all alone in New York and she wants to be with her until she is able to walk on her own again. 

“I am double vaccinated, I had a PCR test yesterday and can fly at the drop of a hat. I have documents from the hospital confirming the extent of Kathryn’s injuries and am willing to do anything to get to her as soon as humanly possible,” the post reads further. 

Megan has requested her fans to reach out to her if they know anybody who can appeal the US embassy’s decision to restrict her travel into the country. 

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What does Kathryn’s twin do?

Megan Prescott is Kathryn’s twin sister. They were born on June 4, 1991.

Megan is an actress and bodybuilder by profession. She is best known for her role as Katie Fitch in the teen drama, Skins, which also starred Kathryn. 

She made her acting debut with Doctors, but it was her role in Skins that helped her gain recognition. The sisters were seen as twins Katie and Emily on the show.

Megan started pursuing bodybuilding in 2016. She has featured in the reality show Body Fixers. She is also interested in music and plays the drums. She’s currently represented by Ken Mcreddie Associates.

Megan has over 168,000 followers on Instagram and mainly uses her account to share updates from her personal life with fans. Her bio describes her as a “person of much influence”. 

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Fans wish the actress a speedy recover 

Kathryn’s fans are devastated after learning about what happened to her. A significant number of them rushed to Twitter to wish her a speedy recovery while others tried drawing attention to Megan’s situation. 

One tweeted, “I just read that Kathryn Prescott (Emily from Skins) was hit by a cement truck. I hope she recovers quickly, that’s awful. And her sister can’t get to New York to look after her bc of Covid…that must be so so hard”

Another wrote, “This is so awful! Praying that Meg and her brother can get to Kat soon! Holy hell did my heart drop reading her post. I hope Kat’s full recovery goes well. This must be a terrifying situation being so far away! Sharing in case it helps!”