A video shared by TikTok user FunnyDenny shows a Nevada man being removed and arrested on an American Airlines flight after he shouted at another passenger and flight crew.

Police officers needed to board the flight and arrest the man, according to video footage shared on social media and news reports.

Man arrested on American Airlines flight

A 61-year-old Nevada man was arrested and removed from an American Airlines flight after he shouted at another passenger and flight crew this week.

A video which was shared on social media shows the person yelling and gesturing with his hands before he starts arguing with a pilot.

Speaking to the Salt Lake Tribune, passenger Dennis Busch said: “He was just yelling that they don’t belong here, and asserting that that was not her seat, but it was – she was there the whole time.”

“After that, the flight attendants had that couple move back.”

Once the flight landed in Salt Lake City, the man was arrested and assisted out of the plane by police officers. The man was taken to a hospital and police said that he was issued with a criminal citation for Public Intoxication and Disorderly Conduct.

Dennis shared the footage from the incident on his TikTok account (@funnydenny).


God bless flight attendants and pilots for what they have to deal with. #kevin #americanairlines #lax #slc #meltdown #flightattendant #labourday

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People share their concerns

Social media users have shared their concerns about the arrested man’s mental health, as well as the flight crew who had to deal with the incident.

“Mental health care is severely lacking in the US,” said one user.

“I feel for this crew and all flight crew & staff these days,” wrote one person under FunnyDenny’s Instagram post.

“The gentleman is unwell,” someone else commented.

Another one added: “I don’t know how the crew kept their cool.”

American Airlines issues a statement

American Airlines has come forward with a statement following the incident.

A spokesperson for the airline told The Independent: American Airlines flight 1802 with service from Los Angeles (LAX) to Salt Lake City (SLC) was met by law enforcement upon arrival at SLC due to an unruly passenger. The flight landed safely at SLC where local law enforcement removed the disruptive passenger from the aircraft.”

“We thank our crew for their professionalism and our customers for their understanding.”

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