All good things must come to an end, but whether they crash and burn or ascend to the angels is another thing entirely.

In recent years, audiences have been invited to say farewell to a range of celebrated and critically acclaimed shows, with some concluding on a rather divisive note; we’re still looking at you, Game of Thrones.

For some time, fans of Lucifer have hoped and prayed for a fitting end.

Created by Tom Kapinos, the fifth season was split into two parts and the second batch of episodes reached viewers in May 2021.

After working through the 8 episodes, the hype for the next season was real, especially considering it was billed as the last.

The final season finally made its way to screens on Friday, September 10th and there are so many questions. For the impatient, there’s one that stands out as pressing… does Lucifer die in season 6?



Does Lucifer die in season 6?

No, Lucifer does not die in season 6 but there’s a reason many are asking.

Audiences were immediately curious after seeing the title of episode 5, ‘The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar’. Over on the series’ Fandom page, a brief synopsis reads: “Not believing that he could have abandoned his future daughter, Lucifer sets out to prove an alternate theory: He must have been murdered.”

Now that the episode is here, let’s break it down.

Thrown into the mix we have Chloe and Lucifer’s time-traveling daughter, Rory, who arrives on the scene to punish her father for his absence.
Basically, Rory explains that she was experiencing some serious problems in the future and, irritated by Lucifer being nowhere to be seen, she self-actualized into the past.

She also suggests that Lucifer’s going to disappear from an intersection in Van Nuys in three weeks. As for Chloe, Rory adds that her mother never revealed the reason for Lucifer’s absence.

Convinced that he would never leave his child, Lucifer believes he must have been murdered and Chloe argues that they should try to solve the mystery before it has even happened.

Lucifer | Final Season Trailer | Netflix

Lucifer | Final Season Trailer | Netflix

The mystery unravels

When visiting Van Nuys, the receptionist reveals some sensitive information as a result of their presence, and his life spirals into chaos. Blaming Lucifer, he vows to kill him.

Later on in the episode, Lucifer feels it may be a good idea to escape the country for the next few weeks but Chloe thinks it’s a bad move.

In an attempt to diffuse the situation, they try to patch things up with the receptionist but he just wants back the wife he lost after the reveal of his affair. In a turn of events, Lucifer decides to speed things up, wishing to hand over Azrael’s blade so he can be killed on the spot.

However, it’s missing and Lucifer accuses Rory of theft but Chloe confesses to concealing the weapon. It dawns on Lucifer that this is because she doesn’t want to surrender her super-strength, opting to persuade Lucifer that Rory is his killer instead.

A fight ensues but Chloe snaps out of her rage in time. Fortunately, Maze makes the suggestion of helping Rory now to make up for lost time.

Ahead of the blade departing from Earth, Lucifer decides to have Chloe and Dan meet up while it’s still possible and their powers are lost.

Lucifer series finale explained


In the last episode – ‘Partners ’til the End’ – Chloe and Lucifer are tasked with attempting to save Rory from Vincent Le Mec.

They succeed and Chloe kills Le Mec.

However, it’s then revealed why Lucifer was never there for Rory. It’s not that he was murdered, it’s because he realises he must return to hell to save a wealth of tortured souls after Amenadiel becomes God.

This is established as his new purpose and, sadly, it means not being there for Rory as she grows up.

In the wake of the bombshell, Chloe has Rory and stays on with the LAPD to become Lieutenant. On her deathbed, she tells Rory that she’ll reunite with her in heaven.

Although, Chloe meets Amenadiel in a purgatory of sorts and we learn that Chloe’s “home” is Hell. We see Lucifer hosting therapy there and a knock at the door from Chloe interrupts the scene, followed by a final “Hello, Detective” and a kiss.

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