Lucifer is back on Netflix for its long-awaited season 6 and the new episodes look set to be a real tear-jerker as it will serve as the show’s final season.

However, one of the biggest questions that fans have about the series is whether or not Ella Lopez finally learns about Lucifer’s true identity after years of remaining oblivious.

But does all the change in season 6, does Ella find out about Lucifer’s true self at long last?

Lucifer | Final Season Trailer | Netflix

Lucifer | Final Season Trailer | Netflix

Release date and plot

Season 6 of Lucifer flew its way onto Netflix on September 10th, 2021.

After season 5 ended with Lucifer becoming God, the new instalment sees the Lord of Hell having doubts about taking up his new throne in Heaven.

As such, the world is starting to unravel and a new arrival in Lucifer and Chloe’s lives threatens to rock the boat even more.


Does Ella find out about Lucifer?

Yes, at long, long last, Ella Lopez does uncover Lucifer’s real identity in season 6.

However, rather than being told that Lucifer is actually the devil, now God, she starts working it out for herself.

Ella begins to notice a number of supernatural goings-on, including a frog falling from the sky and it’s revealed that she has begun to suspect her friends might not be who they say they are.

She confides some of her findings in Amenadiel but backtracks, as she thinks that the theory she has is crazy.

However, in episode 7, at Maze and Eve’s wedding, she gets drunk enough to pluck up the courage to confront Lucifer about his real identity.

Unsurprisingly, she isn’t best pleased about being kept in the dark and feels let down that she wasn’t told but Lucifer and co. rally round to reassure that they still love and trust her.


Actress wanted to Ella to find out

Despite Ella’s long-time obliviousness to Lucifer’s true identity, actress Aimee Garcia herself had spoken of her desire to see the character finally find out.

Speaking to Digital Spy in 2020, Aimee said: “I’m torn because I love that she doesn’t know. I don’t want to take away that fun, clueless banter, because no one else has it.

“Every other character knows that there’s angels and demons and devils, so it keeps [Ella] relatable, but I hope by the end of the series Ella gets the celestial memo.”


Lucifer season 6 is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on September 10th, 2021.

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