It’s September 10th 2021, and everyone on social media is going crazy.

As you scroll through Twitter and TikTok today, both sites are flooded with posts claiming something big is going to happen today, but why?

Well, it all relates to a very old meme. If you’re confused, here’s a full explanation.

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The 9/10/21 meme explained

Who remembers Vine? The social media site was launched in 2012 and allowed users to share short six-second-long looping video clips, similar to TikTok.

Some of the internet’s most famous memes were made on the site, including the “What’s Nine Plus Ten” meme.

The video, which was posted on June 22nd 2013, saw a man ask a little boy “what’s nine plus ten” to which he replied: “twenty-one.”

Of course, the answer isn’t actually 21, it’s 19, so the man hilariously tells the boy: “No it’s not, you stupid.”

According to Know Your Meme, the original clip received 30 million loops, and remixes and memes related to the Vine then started flooding the internet.

Watch the meme below.

People are relating it to today’s date

If you look at today’s date, it’s September 9th 2012, which in numerical form is 9/10/21.

Social media users have noticed that the date contains the same numbers as the 9 + 10 +21 meme, so have been associating today with the eight-year-old video.

However, it goes one step further than that. People are even saying that something big is going to happen today.

People are saying it’s ‘Judgement Day’, which in Christianity, is the day when Jesus, the son of God, will return to Earth and judge the living and dead.

Some believe that Judgement Day is the end of the world, meaning an apocalypse will happen.

Others are claiming something really bad is going to happen today, like a natural disaster or huge terrorist attack.

Let’s hope we get to the end of today alive!

If you’re in the UK, you’re safe

A joke is spreading around Twitter that if you’re from the UK, you’re safe today.

People in England write their dates the opposite way round, putting the day before the month.

So, that would make today’s date 10/9/21, which isn’t the same as the meme after all.

Phew! Let’s all move to the UK for the day.

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