If you are in need of a high-octane action film with a resilient female lead, then look no further than Cedric Nicolas-Troyan and Netflix’s action film Kate.

Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Miku Martineau, Michiel Huisman, and Woody Harrelson, Kate looks every bit as thrilling in its choreographed combat scenes as it looks vibrant, and we explore the filming locations behind the time-ticking feature.

KATE | Official Trailer | Netflix

KATE | Official Trailer | Netflix

Kate Filming Locations

After Netflix secured the rights to Umair Aleem’s script, producers David Leitch, Kelly McCormick, Bryan Unkeless, and Scott Morgan came on board. Nicolas-Troyan signed on to direct Kate in 2018, with lead Winstead joining the cast in 2019.

Filming commenced in September 2019 and wrapped in November of the same year, concluding a good few months ahead of the impending pandemic.

Tokyo, Japan

Following an assassin who only has 24 hours to live after being poisoned, Kate is based in the bustling city of Tokyo, which is also home to the film’s main antagonist, the Yakuza – a real-life criminal organization based in Japan. 

The popular capital lends Kate its neon aesthetic, with the cast and crew spending some time filming around the built-up, futuristic-looking city.

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It was previously reported that the crew used Thailand to shoot various exterior scenes as a stand-in location for Tokyo. This is normally down to budget limitations, as it is allegedly cheaper to shoot within the streets of Thailand than it is to close down certain sections of Tokyo.

The Japanese rock band, Band-Maid, reportedly left their native country to shoot a cameo for the film in Thailand. The band only has a small part to play in the film, performing one of their songs within an event during one of the film’s scenes.

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Los Angeles, California

The post-production audio organization, Formosa Group, is based in Los Angeles, and Nicolas-Troyan publicly stated that the professionals worked on the film.

It was also reported that some filming for Kate took place in Los Angeles, where perhaps some studio work was done.

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