Weverse credit cards of BTS, TXT, Seventeen and Enhypen will soon be available for fans. The exclusive cards designed in a special collaboration with South Korea’s biggest credit card company, Shinhan co., has fans demanding its global release.

Though not officially announced, devoted K-pop fans found the sneak peek of Weverse credit cards. The pretty designs that match perfectly with the groups’ aesthetics have left every fan wanting to own one.

Here’s a look at the exclusive credit card designs based on the themes of Seventeen, TXT and Enhypen.

Weverse credit card with Shinhan co featuring BTS, TXT, Seventeen and Enhypen explored

On July 5th this year, South Korean media reported Shinhan signing a special partnership called PLCC (private label credit card) with Weverse. The card company announced that they will design exclusive credit cards for a number of K-pop groups associated with the fan app.

Though not directly mentioned, Weverse’s association with foreign artists led fans to speculate that the card ranges will be varied and may see a global release in the future.

An official from Shinhan card stated: “From card design to benefits and marketing, we will provide a greater experience and satisfaction through differentiated product and service suitable for the fandom that uses Weverse Shop.”

TXT, BTS, Seventeen and Enhypen card design released (Weverse shop app)

Possible release date of Weverse Credit card

At the time of Weverse x Shinhan card collaboration announcement, the company teased a possible release of the cards before the end of the year. With the designs now available, fans believe that the credit cards will be launched soon.

Fans demand the global release of Weverse cards featuring BTS

At the time of the announcement, fans believed that the exclusive Weverse cards of BTS, TXT, Seventeen, and more will only release in South Korea. But, given the obvious global popularity of the groups, fans want the credit cards to be released internationally as well.

A BTS ARMY urged: “Weverse credit cards need to have a global release please! Who else is with me?” Another K-pop fan gushed over the aesthetics of the cards saying, “oooh weverse’s credit card designs are damn pretty!”

So far, Weverse has not officially announced the date or release information of Weverse credit cards for global fans. Click here to have a look at other merchandise from the fan app. Learn how to get BTS ARMY audio specialization right here.