Many artists have hit the spotlight and many songs have climbed the charts after becoming a viral sound on TikTok used by thousands of users.

Musicians like Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, Olivia Rodrigo and more have topped the Billboard chart after going viral on the social networking site that flourished during lockdown.

Others started from TikTokers turned to musicians, such as Dixie D’Amelio and Addison Rae. Regardless, who doesn’t like a good bop to dance to?

WaveyWuan’s viral TikTok song title revealed


Y’all this is usually not Markell …… but why not right @imnotmarkellwashington he took my phone

♬ original sound – waveywuan

This latest TikTok sound has made people all over the platform dance and they are requesting for it to be on iTunes and Spotify. The song is actually an NSFW one, but its beat will make you a fan anyways.

The title of WaveyWuan’s TikTok sound is “PTPOM” by Mohead Mike featuring Big Boogie. The original song was only released a month ago, but it has been leaked all over the internet and has been trending for the last couple of months.

Earlier this year, Mohead Mike’s part became viral, but now it’s the catchy lines of the rapper Big Boogie that have flooded the app.

You can listen to the WaveyWuan TikTok song here.

TikToker Noah Beck and more use the sound

No song can go viral without the help of those with millions of followers in the app. TikToker like Noah Beck, Markell Washington, Anna Banana, Blake Gray and more have chipped in to make WaveyWuan’s sound a trend.

Currently, the sound has over 211k recreating videos, that including lip-sync, choreographies, and of course sarcastic clips, some alone, some with friends, and some with their partners.


😂😂 first take too

♬ original sound – waveywuan

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