Popular Twitch streamer Amouranth has been subjected to relentless abuse and name-calling throughout most of her career on the platform. Despite being targeted, Amouranth is also known for wandering outside of Twitch’s terms of service boundaries, which is common practice for the streamer and usually the fuel behind trolls’ abuse.

Despite several bouts of name-calling, the streamer has stood against the harassment and kept relatively headstrong throughout and now she has proven herself to be “Twitch’s smartest troll.”

Fuser – Headliner Spotlight Trailer

Fuser – Headliner Spotlight Trailer

Amouranth Shuts Down Trolls on Twitch Stream

During a recent stream, Amouranth – also known by her real name Kaitlyn Siragusa – once again addressed the horrendous abuse she receives from trolls within messages and comments.

“People always ask me: Amouranth how do you deal with so many haters all the time?” the streamer said, continuing to list a number of names that she’s been called. After listing a handful of names, the streamer said: “…but you know what they’ve never called me? Broke.”

Sitting with 4.2 million followers, Amouranth was very matter of fact when addressing the money she makes from her streams, and also managed to make every troll eat their name-calling at the same time.

Amouranth’s May Controversy

The streamer’s most noticeable content is her hot tub streams, which were de-monetized back in May for being labeled as “not advertiser-friendly.”

Despite tiptoeing across Twitch’s terms of service guidelines – by frequently appearing in a bikini and hosting ASMR videos that could be misconstrued as sexual – Amouranth frequently claims that she is targeted because of her popularity.

Fans of the streamer find it an important step forward for Amouranth to speak up more often about her online targeting, in order to raise awareness against the abuse that a lot of female streamers receive on a regular basis. Esports teams, such as Fnatic, have now started supporting women who play games with a higher male player count, in order to stand by them against unfair treatment.

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