An Australian health official has sparked a public meltdown after using the phrase “New World Order” in a press conference where she discussed contact tracing and Covid-19.

One Twitter user commented on the controversy and conspiracy theories that Dr Chant’s word choice had led to online and wrote:

“‘New world order’ is like saying ‘I love you’. Could have many different meanings, but once you put it out there you can’t take it back.”

Australian health official mentions “New World Order”

When asked by a journalist about whether contract-tracing would be put back in place, Dr Kerry Chant said:

“We will be looking at what contract-tracing looks like in the new world order – yes it will be pubs and clubs, and other things, if we have a positive case there [but] our response may be different if we know people are fully vaccinated.”

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Dr Kerry Chant is the chief health officer for New South Wales.

According to The Independent, the phrase ‘New World Order’ began to trend online which led to Twitter issuing a warning that “unfounded claims about the ‘New World Order’ conspiracy theory are [being] shared after an Australian governmental official used the expression during a press conference on Thursday.”

The social media platform continued to state: “Fact-checkers have regularly debunked claims connected to the conspiracy theory. The phrase is commonly used to describe times of change or cultural shift.”

New World Order conspiracy theory explained

Michael Barkun explains in his book The Culture of Conspiracy:

“New World Order theories claim that both past and present events must be understood as the outcome of efforts by an immensely powerful but secret group to seize control of the world.”

According to a 2013 poll conducted by the Public Policy Polling Foundation, 28% of US voters believe that the New World Order is actually taking hold.

Dozens of people responded to the video of Dr Chant on Twitter and shared conspiracy theories about the “New World Order.”

Twitter user Jack tweeted: “F***, THE NEW WORLD ORDER CONSPIRACY IS REAL. Australian health [official] just chanted this sh**. Omg.”