What time will My Hero Academia season 5 episode 23, episode 111, release for streaming and has a preview video been uploaded?

Whilst My Hero Academia season 5 has been airing for almost six months now, it still doesn’t feel right that we only have three episodes to go before the finale.

The mega-anime has dominated both the Summer and Spring slates but unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.

However, fans shouldn’t get ahead of themselves: we all know how many twists, turns and shocking moments can happen in just three episodes of MHA.

So, when will My Hero Academia season 5 episode 23 release around the world and has an official preview been shared online?

My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission Trailer 2

My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission Trailer 2

My Hero Academia season 5 episode 23: Release date and time

My Hero Academia season 5 episode 23, episode 111 in the overall series, will release via Funimation and Crunchyroll at 10: 30 AM BST on Saturday, September 11th.

The launch details have been confirmed by both anime streaming platforms, with the upcoming episode premiering at the following times around the world:

  • Pacific Time – 2: 30 AM PDT
  • Central Time – 4: 30 AM CDT
  • Eastern Time – 5: 30 AM EDT
  • British Time – 10: 30 AM BST
  • European Time – 11: 30 CEST
  • Philippine Time – 5:30 PM PHT
  • Korea Time – 6: 30 PM KST
  • Australia Time – 7 PM ACST

The latest My Hero Academia episodes are made available for free in selected territories at the same time the following week.

A preview for Season 5 episode 23…

Season 5 episode 23 will be titled ‘Shimura Tenko: Origin’ and is expected to focus again on Toga and Shigaraki.

“Finally, a direct confrontation between Death Pattern Tree and Li Destro! Re Destro who exerts his own “unusual ability” and makes a merciless attack on the dead tree. In that process, the memories that I should have forgotten in the dead tree will be revived!” –Episode 111 synopsis, via My hero Academia’s Japanese website.  

Whilst an alternative version was shared by ComicBook:

“Twice found Toga in a near-death situation. He cloned Toga as a way to treat her blood loss, but Skeptic and his minions are going after him. On the other side of the city, a fight begins between a giant and stressful ReDestro and Shigaraki who’s thinking about the past.” Synopsis, via ComicBook.

A short preview video trailer has also been shared on social media, check it out below:

Is the manga series on a break this week?

Yes, unfortunately the My Hero Academia manga series will be on a sudden break this week, delaying the release of chapter 326.

According to reports, the series will be on a break this week because of the health condition of author Horikoshi.

“We thank you for always reading and loving My Hero Academia. Because of the creator’s health, MHA is having a break in this issue. We apologise to all the readers who were looking forward to it.” – Shonen Jump Editorial Department, via Atsushi101X.

Thankfully, chapter 326 is expected to release on Sunday, September 18th.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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