Internet users are still in a frenzy over the mysterious disappearance of Illinois State University student Jelani Day. As weeks have passed since Jelani first went missing, people are keen to get an update about the case.

Jelani, who was a 25-year-old post-grad student at ISU, was pursuing a course in the Communication, Science and Disorders Department.

The student, who lived off-campus in a rented apartment, frequently visited his family home in Danville, which was about an hour away. However, his family haven’t been able to reach him since he went missing.

Is Jelani Day still missing?

Unfortunately, as per the latest police update, Jelani Day is still missing.

A report in NBC 25, reveals that the Director of Clinical Education at ISU, Cara Boester, was the one who reported Jelani missing. The department head suspected something unusual when he failed to show up for classes, which was unlike him.

“When he didn’t show up, I texted to see what was going on and he didn’t answer me. I knew he had class at 1 p.m. So, I waited for him after class and he didn’t show up,” the department head said.

Since he has gone missing, the student’s family has been unable to reach him, as their calls are reportedly going straight to voicemail each time.

Jelani’s mother, Carmen, told Dateline: “I call him my ‘bill collector child’ because he just calls me and calls me, nonstop, several times a day. So to not hear from him in a week is very unlike him. Something’s not right.”

The family has offered $25,000 for Jelani’s return. In addition to this, a GoFundMe campaign has been started by the student’s family, to collect funds that will assist in his search. So far, over $9,000 has been raised.

Unidentified body found in a river in Peru, Illinois

The police found Jelani’s abandoned car on Aug. 24 in a wooded area near the Illinois Valley YMCA in Peru. Following this, a body was discovered just off the south bank of the river, to the east of the Illinois Highway 251 bridge.

An autopsy was scheduled for last weekend. However, the Bloomington police have not released any information yet, while the LaSalle County coroner’s office said it could be several weeks before an identification could be made.

The cops have also requested residents to not speculate any further about the unidentified body found in the river.

When did the ISU student disappear?

Jelani’s family last spoke to the 25-year-old on August 23. No contact has been made with the missing student ever since.

A WGLT report reveals that security footage from August 24 showed the student wearing a black Jimi Hendrix Band T-shirt, silver or white shorts along with a Detroit Lions baseball cap.

The clip was captured at the Beyond / Hello cannabis store located in Bloomington at around 9:12 a.m.

Later, on the same day, the Bloomington Police Department revealed that the Peru PD found Jelani’s white 2010 Chrysler 300 in a wooded area near 12th Street and Westclox Avenue.

The location is nearly an hour from Day’s off-campus apartment in Bloomington.

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