BTS x Seoul released their much-anticipated campaign video and BTS ARMY is curious to know the meaning of ‘Eogiyeongcha,’ a chant used through the video.

Along with the meaningful and uplifting chant that starts with BTS V aka Kim Taehyung’s alluringly deep voice, fans can’t have enough of the swoon-worthy visuals, the comeback of drummer Jungkook in all its fervor and the heartwarming theme.

If you are also wondering what ‘Eogiyeongcha’ means from the Seoul x BTS video, take a look at some of the expert fan theories down below.

Eogiyeongcha meaning from Seoul x BTS video

BTS ARMY was awestruck by the power of the chant ‘Eogiyeongcha’ that continues through the video. It immediately evokes a motivating spirit along with inviting people to be united.

Eogiyeongcha is described as ‘an expression shouted in unison to give each other strength.’ A BTS ARMY explained the meaning of the word saying, “EogiYeongcha” (어기영차) is an onomatopoeic word. This is a kind of a chant to make the people get strength, it is usually heard when the fishermen pull the net or row with all their might. It’s similar like “heave-ho” or “alley-oop” in English something like that.”

Lyrics of Eogiyeongcha chant song

BTS ARMY also loved the lyrics of Seoul x BTS video. The lyrics of Eogiyeongcha chant song goes, “Eogiyeongcha eogiyeongcha, Seoul Eogi eogiyeongcha Seoul, Where we first met and formed our love, The friendly street, the street of my heart In beautiful Seoul, I want to live in Seoul.”

A BTS fan noted that the chant is repeated multiple times as a call to people to come together and work hard. The fan explained the chant is used when “people call out together as they work hard on something, such as pulling or pushing or lifting something heavy that needs them to work as one.”

Watch behind the scenes of ‘Eogiyeongcha‘ below.

Drummer Jungkook and BTS V’s deep voice cause a Twitter meltdown

BTS ARMY has been having a live meltdown since Seoul x BTS video aired. The much-awaited comeback of Drummer Jungkook and Kim Taehyung’s deep voice are too much to take in a single video, they complained.

A fan gushed, “the power drummer jungkook holds!” Another fan quickly added, “Everyone losing their mind after JUNGKOOK was seen playing the drum in EoGiYeongCha Seoul BTS video on YouTube!”

An excited BTS ARMY stated facts tweeting, “Tae’s deep voice in the intro Joon’s dragon gaze, Jin’s breathtaking visuals, Yoongi’s hand movements Jimin spinning Tae with korean fan, Hobi sitting there like he owns the country and JK on traditional drums and you think I will be fine after all these!”

Another fan commented, “the whole video wouldn’t have the vibe it has if it wasn’t for Tae’s deep voice in this part! got chills when I first listened to it and can’t stop now!”

Check the video on YouTube here

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