A video of a Black Amazon employee, Nikolas Mayrant, being subjected to racial abuse by a White man, Brad Boynton, has gone viral on the internet. 

The incident has sparked fury on social media as more and more people have come forward to extend their support to Nikolas, who they believe was falsely accused by Brad while having racial slurs hurled at him. 

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Who is Brad Boyton?

Brad is also an Amazon employee based in Cornelius, North Carolina. 

His LinkedIn profile, which is now deactivated, showed that he works as the Program Manager at Amazon’s Transportation Services. 

In the viral video, Brad is seen speaking with one of his fellow colleagues from Amazon, as he verbally attacks Nikolas when he was delivering the former’s package. 

Saving Sloane | Official Trailer

Saving Sloane | Official Trailer

Who is Nikolas Mayrant and what happened to him?

Nikolas worked as a Driver Associate with Amazon. He was at Brad’s residence to deliver a package. 

A video recorded via Ring Doorbell shows Brad yelling the N-word at Nikolas for walking on the grass on his lawn when he was returning to his car after handing over the package. 

According to Revolt, Nikolas said that Brad “falsely accused him of breaking several Amazon policies”, including parking his car across his lawn. 

However, Nikolas said he simply “park[ed] awkwardly on a narrow street”

A GoFundMe campaign created for Brad, which has now been taken down, featured a statement from him that read: “After waiting behind my van for no longer than 20 seconds, the individual slammed the door in my face whilst I was trying to deliver his package to him.” 

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Nikolas was “fired” by Amazon

Nikolas’ sister, Heather Rose, took to Instagram to share the video and revealed in her caption that her brother was “fired” by Amazon after the incident unfolded. 

“My brother was FIRED from his job for askin the guy why the pics & walkin on his grass after he called him a N- Word”, Rose wrote. 

While the public is furious about an innocent Black man getting fired for no mistake of his, Civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump also weighed in on the situation. 

He tweeted: “This is unacceptable! A Black Amazon driver was FIRED from his job after a neighborhood resident called him racial slurs & harassed him while taking photos of him. Why was this young man terminated when he was the victim of this shameful harassment?!”

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