Netflix released season 2 of Kid Cosmic on September 7, 2021 after seven months of waiting. Will The Local Heroes continue to defend Earth in season 3?

Like Marvel and their Infinity Stones, Kid Cosmic follows the adventures of a superhero wannabe in a desert town, inspired by the alleged 1947 UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico.

Kid’s dreams come true when spaceship crashes onto Earth, containing five comic stones of power. He takes the power of flight for himself and recruits Jo, Rosa Flores, Tuna Sandwich and Papa G as his team ‘The Local Heroes’ , to stop alien attacks to steal the stones back.

By the end of season 1, Kid fought against the Earth Force’s, the very heroes that he admired, but when power is at stake, they become enemy. The team ultimately defeat the Earth Force when Kid discovers the real power of his green stone, telekinesis.

Season 2 was just as action-packed as the first, and with such as successful run, will there be season 3 on Netflix?

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Season 2 ending explained

Jo successfully defeats Fantos the Amassor with the help of Queen Xhan, who sacrifices her own tentacle in the fight. With the 13 stones back in possession, The Local Heroes begin to destroy Erodious with ease and uncover the big secret: since it’s made of destroyed planets that give powers, Erodious hides hundreds and maybe even thousands of cosmic stones.

It’s not a happy ending yet though: Kid still can’t find the strongest stone, telekinesis, and when it gets into the hands of Fantos, the heroes lose their powers and get transported back to Earth.

With Erodious about to crash into their home planet, Kid comes up with a genius plan to explode Erodious from the inside using his most-hated power, goo.

The Guilty | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Guilty | Official Trailer | Netflix

Will there be Kid Cosmic season 3?

Yes, Kid Cosmic and The Local Heroes will continue their planet-saving missions in season 3.

The third instalment was renewed at the same time as season 2 on August 10, 2021.

This means that we will not have to wait very long for the new plot. There was a seven-month break between the first two, but with season 3 already confirmed, we might be waiting less than that.

Producer Craig McCracken spoke about creating the three seasons as “one of the most creatively rewarding experiences” of his career, so the story has definitely been written.

Craig confirms that season 3 will be based more on Papa G “who accepts that heroes sacrifice”, and we can only assume that it signifies the end of grandpa if he sacrifices himself to save his beloved Kid.

He also tweeted out that the third season will only be six episodes, since it will best tell the story that he intends.

It’s possible that season 3 will the end of Kid Cosmic, since that was what Netflix planned to do from the start.

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