Mnet’s ‘Muslim Adhan’ controversy regarding the show ‘Street Woman Fighter’ has made fans slam the Entertainment channel demanding an apology for disrespecting Islam.

Muslim viewers of Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Figter’ pointed out that the channel has used the tune of the holy prayer Adhan (also called azan and adzan) in the introduction scene of the show.

Mnet’s ‘Muslim Adhan’ controversy on Street Woman Fighter

Mnet ‘Street Woman Fighter’ viewers found the holy tune of ‘Adhan’ in an introductory sequence of the show. Muslim fans identified the tune as the background music of the said intro.

What is Adhan?

A user explained, “Let me introduce Adhan, the beautiful Islamic call to prayer, recited by a muadhin at prescribed times of the day. In case you don’t know.”

Fans demand an apology from Mnet for disrespecting Islam

Fans have been expressing their outrage on social media for disrespecting the holy prayer and Islam. A fan stated: “My religion came first. respect ISLAM. Don’t use adzan as entertainment. This is so disrespectful. Change the intro ##Mnetapologize!”

A second fan echoed: “Adhan is the Islamic call to prayer and it’s not something you can use freely and make it into remix IT’S NOT A MUSIC.”

“Non Muslim will think that we’re overeacted or dramatic but I want to clarify that our adzan is NOT for a clout purpose. It’s NOT something that you can put as a remix & make a song out of it. As a muslim I’m really disappointed and offended by @MnetKR‘s behavior,” tweeted another fan.

Another user slammed the Entertainment channel saying: “What’s so bad/hard about leaving our religion alone? This isn’t the first time too, we’ve been disappointed like this before and they might do it again!”

Fans want more experienced judges on ‘Street Woman Fighter’

Mnet’s ultimate dance battle ‘Street Woman Fighter’ had earlier faced criticism for an issue regarding judging. A major portion of viewers opined that the show should have had more experienced judges or a larger panel consisting of a minimum of six to seven judges to evaluate the contestants properly.

A user divulged: “Aside from BoA I can genuinely only think of Hyoyeon as the sole idol who deserves to be a judge in Mnet’s street fighter dance show. She has shown the most versatility and had actually learned then performed lots of genres. She truly is one of a kind.”

Another viewer had a different opinion who stated, “I think yall need to calm down speaking about the judges in street woman fighter. Sanghoon is mistreated as a judge and I feel bad for him, mnet never disappoints in disappointing. But Taeyong and BOA are two amazing dancers that of course will catch more attention!”

The user added, “Have you ever seen a freestyle video of Taeyong? The ones uploaded on his insta and on yt? Yall suddenly acting as if you know everything about him. He raps AND dance at the same time ofc he can’t only dance because there’d be no f*cking air to sing because he does them both.”

Mnet has not addressed the issues brought up by viewers yet. Keep an eye on this space for all Street Woman Fighter-related updates. Check out snippets of the show here.

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