Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise is here, and it’s already proving to be one of the most drama-filled seasons ever.

This is thanks to two contestants, Brendan Morais and Pieper James, who are being slammed after they revealed the real reason why they’re on the show. Hint: It’s not to find love.

Now, their popularity plan has backfired, and the pair have lost a huge number of Instagram followers.

BACHELOR IN PARADISE – 706 Its all eyes on Joe this week as everyones emotional support man comes face-to-face with the woman who broke his heart. But while Joe and Kendall reconnect, Serena P. isnt the only one left to reconsider their future on the beach. Meanwhile, Natasha and Brendan have finally started to move in the right direction, but just as Natasha is starting to feel the spark heat up, another familiar face makes her appearance. Thats right, Pieper has arrived to clear the air about her rumored romance with Brendan or maybe shes here to confirm it on Bachelor in Paradise, MONDAY, SEPT. 6 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images) PIEPER, BRENDAN

Brendan and Pieper drama explained

First, let’s explain the context. At the start of the series, Brendan was coupled up with Natasha Parker, but then Pieper arrived and asked Brendan out.

This wasn’t very surprising, as they were rumoured to be dating months ago, but what came next was incredibly shocking.

In last night’s episode, Brendan and Pieper sat down together to discuss their intentions for coming on the show, and fans aren’t happy about their answer.

The pair admitted that the only reason they went on Bachelor in Paradise is to increase their Instagram followers.

“We have to have each other’s back. It has to be you and me, first and foremost, before anyone else on the beach, and that’s the only way we’re gonna get through this, like, being in the position we wanna be in, utilizing this time here and taking advantage of what Paradise would promote together,” Brendan said.

Now, their plan has completely backfired.

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How many followers have Brendan and Pieper lost?

They went on the show to try and increase their social media popularity, but they’ve actually done the exact opposite.

After revealing that they wanted to gain more followers, they have actually lost a significant number as fans continue to hijack their plan.

We’re not talking small numbers here either. At the time of writing this, they have lost over 70,000 Instagram followers in total.

Brendan, who seemed to have construed the plan, has lost the most followers. Before the episode aired, he had 345,000 followers, and he now has 281,000, which is a loss of 64,000.

Peiper had 88,000 followers before the episode, and she now has 79,000, a total loss of 9,000.

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Natasha has gained followers

Whilst Brendan and Pieper’s followers continue to drop, the drama has actually benefited Natasha Parker significantly.

Before the new episode aired, she was on just 83,000 followers. Now, less than 24 hours later, she’s got a staggering 291,000.

This means that she’s gained 208,000 followers, and she’s even now surpassed Brendan.

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