One type of video that’s taking over TikTok right now is Karen clips.

There’s something about watching women get riled up over life’s minor inconveniences that it incredibly entertaining.

TikTok’s latest viral video falls under the same category, although we can’t actually call it a ‘Karen’ video, because the ‘Karen’ is a man.

What is the male version of a ‘Karen’? Keith? Ken? Kevin? Who knows.

Anyway, here’s the shocking moment a man approached a group of girls on a beach and told them to cover up.

TikTok – NASA Football Trailer

TikTok – NASA Football Trailer

Man harasses girls on beach for wearing bikinis

This week, two clips are going viral that were posted by a TikTok user called @ggarbagefairy and have amassed over 2 million likes in total.

In the videos, a group of girls are approached by a man who claims that their bikinis are too revealing, even though they are sitting on a beach.

“Why are you dressed this way?” he says to which one girl replies “I’m at the beach and I’m in a bathing suit” and asks him to leave.

He then rudely claps back and insists that she’s actually wearing a “thong and bra” before calling her clothing “p*rnography”.

“They don’t need to see p*rnography, you’re flaunting your stuff,” he continues, to which she simply replies: “Don’t look at me then, why are you looking at me? Close your eyes.”

He then argues that there’s “free will in America” and “freedom of speech” which gives him the right to come over and state his opinion.

“If men of God don’t stand up, then our society is going to go down the drain,” he says as the women say they’re atheists.

“If you’re atheists that doesn’t mean you have to show your body off, you can still put clothes on… next time you come to the beach and there are young eyes, take that into consideration,” he continues.

The argument continues

Just as you think he’s about to walk away, the man continues arguing.

The girls counter his point by asking, “what would you want me to wear on the beach then?” to which he says “a one piece”.

“Or something likes this that’s actually modest,” he adds whilst pointing at a woman wearing denim shorts and a t-shirt.

“You don’t need to be showing your body… there’s gonna come a day when you’re gonna have to come face-to-face with God,” he concludes.

Another woman who had been watching the argument then approaches and slams the women for swearing in front of her kids.

“When you swear in front of my kids, that’s where I draw the line,” she says before weighing in on the swimsuit situation herself.

“It does matter what you guys wear, not because what he just said, but because you need to value yourself,” she adds before walking away.

They even did a bikini reveal

In a third clip, the girls confirmed that they were 18-years-old, there were nine of them and they were on a beach in Colorado.

They also revealed that there was a fiancé and child with the man who did not join in with the argument.

Then, they did a much-requested swimsuit reveal, showing exactly what bikinis they were all wearing.

In the photo, all nine women are wearing two-piece bikinis, and they said that only one of them was a thong style.

“They were really normal bikinis, there were lots of other people wearing the same stuff, it was a public beach. We were the only ones that were just a female group though which is why he approached us,” they said.


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