Pinhead has finally come to Dead by Daylight and his arrival has coincided with a brand new ranking system involving grades for both DBD survivors and killers.

The lead cenobite has been one of the most anticipated additions to the game in awhile and you can now buy the Hellraiser character for just £3.99. BeHaviour Interactive’s DLC obviously comes with the pope from Hell in his traditional leather dress, and it also includes the exclusive universal charm, The Lament Configuration.

While everyone has been excited for the pin-faced sadist with his Pandora’s box, a lot of fans are now confused by the introduction of skill-based matchmmaking.

Dead by Daylight | Chapter 21 Teaser Trailer

Dead by Daylight | Chapter 21 Teaser Trailer

What is the new ranking system in DBD?

The new ranking system in Dead by Daylight involves grades for both survivors and killers.

BeHaviour Interactive’s patch notes for Chapter 21 say that skill-based matchmaking will be introduced as of 08:00 PT, 11:00 ET, and 16:00 BST on September 8th. Rather than the previous ranking system of starting at 20 and building up to one, you are now tasked with advancing from Ash IV to Iridescent I.

You will be matched with players who are a similar level with their survivors and killers (i.e. Ash, Bronze etc.), and – in theory – this should result in better bouts.

How do grades work in Dead by Daylight?

Your grade improves in Dead by Daylight with the amount of pips you obtain each season and your final ranking will be reset on the 13th of every month.

Unlike the previous ranking system, your score will not be decreased after losing pips. When the reset occurs every month, you will be rewarded with bloodpoints.

Below you’ll find the Grades system alongside the previous rankings:

  • Ash IV – Rank 20
  • Ash III – Rank 19
  • Ash II – Rank 18
  • Ash I – Rank 17
  • Bronze IV – Rank 16
  • Bronze III – Rank 15
  • Bronze II – Rank 14
  • Bronze I – Rank 13
  • Silver IV – Rank 12
  • Silver III – Rank 11
  • Silver II – Rank 10
  • Silver I – Rank 9
  • Gold IV – Rank 8
  • Gold III – Rank 7
  • Gold II – Rank 6
  • Gold I – Rank 5
  • Iridescent IV – Rank 4
  • Iridescent III – Rank 3
  • Iridescent – II – Rank 2
  • Iridescent I – Rank 1

The game’s developer update for September 2021 says that each individual killer has a separate grade, meaning Pinhead could be a Gold while Leatherface could be an Ash. In this instance, Pinhead would be matched with higher-skilled survivors while Leatherface would be placed with lower.

Skill-based matchmaking

Skill-based matchmaking has been introduced to DBD and the developer’s preview for Pinhead says that it will result in fairer matches for all players.

BeHaviour Interactive has been testing the involvement of SBMM, and they report that it resulted in 99% of reasonably balanced matches. Odds of escaping or killing a Survivor varied within +/- 25% of the average, and 75% of matches fell within a +/- 5% chance.

This was said to be a huge step up from Rank-Based competitions where 99% of matches saw a 45% variation, and 75% of matches saw a 25% variation.

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