BTS V unlocked another major Spotify milestone with just two Original soundtracks. Ecstatic BTS V aka Kim Taehyung fans took to Twitter to celebrate the success of the ‘Vocal Legend’.

Kim Taehyung often gets critical appreciation from globally acclaimed artists, including Grammy-winning music royalties, who praise the Billboard-charting vocalist’s impressive knowledge of music and soul-soothing vocal ability.

The singer, who recently clocked over 1.5 billion streams worldwide with only a handful of songs, snagged yet another Spotify record by becoming the fifth most followed Korean soloist on the platform.

BTS V achieves yet another Spotify record with two songs

BTS V has now become the fifth South Korean soloist in Spotify to have over 4 million followers. The legendary achievement came at the fifth anniversary of Taehyung’s solo track, ‘Stigma.’

Along with Kim Taehyung’s Spotify achievement with just ‘Sweet Night’ and ‘It’s Definitely You,’ the South Korean artist also boasts a world record in Apple iTunes charts.

Kim Taehyung is the first vocalist to bag the top spot in iTunes in 118 countries with ‘Sweet Night.’ His other track, ‘Inner Child’, ranked #1 in 100 countries.

Top 5 most followed South Korean artists in Spotify

Spotify, one of the biggest music platforms in the world, was not available in South Korea until February 2021. Even then, the music app is dominated by South Korean mega-groups like BTS.

Currently, according to a Korean news report, BTS J-hope, RM, Suga, IU, and V are the top five Korean soloists on the platform.

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BTS V hailed as ‘vocal legend’

BTS V’s vocal ability often gets praise from award-winning music artists.

Grammy-winning soprano, Sumi Jo, once praised the ‘Blue and Grey’ maker’s extensive vocal range, gushing: “Taehyung holds the note accurately. Neither higher or lower on the pitch. That is called ‘absolute pitch,’ he has such an amazing talent.”

After Kim Taehyung’s 4 million Spotify achievement, it is BTS V fans who are echoing Sumi Jo’s words.

Speaking of his talent as a singer and song maker, a fan tweeted: “Kim Taehyung keep thriving as Korean soloist, as he surpassed 4M followers on Spotify & being 5th most followed k-soloist, Fastest OST by K-soloist to reach 150M w only 505 days, having osts award, top iTunes chart w 118 countries w under his OWN name! 4 MILLION FOR V!”

Another Kim Taehyung fan chimed in adding: “Taehyung reached 4M followers on spotify with NO mixtape, NO promotion, just his TWO ost’s under his name. this is proof that the world is waiting in excitement for the masterpieces that musician kim taehyung is going to surprise us with.”

Along with Kim Taehyung’s iconic Spotify achievement, BTS V fans are also celebrating the fifth year anniversary of the track ‘Stigma.’

A fan wrote: “The best vocalist of his generation, the range he pulled with stigma, it can’t be done by anyone. The most versatile, the best pitch. Happy #5YearsWithStigma VOCAL LEGEND TAEHYUNG!”

Another ‘Stigma’ fan tweeted: “Taehyung in “Stigma” will never not be iconic. He showcased incredible acting skills. Watching him being struck by a phantom presence, crying over what he had done to his dad, all so impressive. Also, V’s insane vocal skills on this song! VOCAL LEGEND TAEHYUNG!”

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