BTS Jungkook stunned ARMY yet again by exhibiting ‘perfect pitch’ in the latest Run BTS episode. The extraordinary talent of the Grammy-nominated singer was acknowledged by the producers of the variety show, who certified JK as the ‘musical prodigy.’

In episode 150 of Run BTS, Bangtan Boys gathered in the Josun Palace hotel to play the curious game of ‘staycation.’ In order to get their rooms, BTS first had to play the guess the tune game. As the name suggests, they had to recreate a tune after listening to it just once.

Watch how the Billboard-topping group members were awestruck with Jungkook’s unbelievable sense of pitch and music!

Jeon Jungkook’s perfect pitch earns him the title ‘musical prodigy’

BTS has always been vocal about Jeon Jungkook’s heavenly vocals. V, aka Kim Taehyung, previously called Jungkook’s voice ‘a national treasure.’ The 24-year-old ‘Euphoria’ crooner stunned his band members as well as ‘Run BTS’ producers yet again on episode 150.

In the first round of Staycation, Bangtan had to guess the tune played by the producers and recreate it. Jungkook took the first chance and nailed the tune on the first go, leaving everyone visibly surprised. They immediately called it ‘legendary.’

The record-breaking artist’s perfect sense of pitch made ‘Run BTS’ editors write: ‘Jeon Jungkook, the musical prodigy, the man of perfect pitch is born.’

BTS ARMY reacts to Jungkook’s perfect pitch clip

BTS ARMY took to Twitter to trend Jungkook’s perfect pitch after the episode aired.

Gushing over the singer’s immaculate sense of music, a fan praised, “still so in awe at how easily Jungkook was able to play the tune after listening to it just once. The way even the boys were all so amazed. having perfect pitch is rare, only a few musicians have it and jungkook is one of them. he’s so talented!”

A second BTS ARMY echoed saying, “It’s been an established fact that Jungkook really has “great ears” which explains his perfect pitch. The musical prodigy indeed!!”

Along with JK’s perfect sense of pitch, a fan account tweeted, “Jungkook is the first and only Korean Idol to have two solos spend 75 full weeks charting on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales, with his songs Euphoria and My Time.”

Jungkook’s rare sense of pitch has aided him in becoming one of the best vocalists and composers of our generation, which led to the reign of the Billboard chart. The ‘Still With You’ crooner has spent over 18 weeks in Japan’s Billboard Hot 100 composer chart.

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