**WARNING  – Spoilers Ahead for The Walking Dead Season 11**

The Walking Dead’s Carol has become one of the show’s most nuanced characters, if not the most evolved out of the apocalyptic gang. Her arc from abused partner of the shameful Ed Peletier to the ruthless archer has established her authority amongst the survivors by making the cold, brash decisions that nobody else dares to think about.

In the latest episode of the show’s final season, Carol is once again center stage to host another bout of brutal decision-making, that actor Melissa McBride seamlessly portrays.

The Walking Dead Season 11 – Official Teaser Trailer

The Walking Dead Season 11 – Official Teaser Trailer

Why Did Carol Kill the Horse?

  • In Episode 3 of Season 11, titled ‘Hunted’, Carol decides to kill the horse in order to provide food for the people of Alexandria.

The beginning of the episode presents Maggie and Negan on their perilous quest to find food for the people back home, only for the episode’s somber tone to be lifted thanks to the arrival of beautiful, wild horses.

As Carol and the other explorers attempt to tame the horses – with the intent to use them for travel and farm work – the memory of Season 11’s bleak opening becomes somewhat forgotten as stunning sequences of running horses fill the screen.

In true The Walking Dead style, this reprieve was short-lived. Once Carol and the rest of the survivors lead the wild horses into a paddock, the scene cuts to Carol’s moment alone with one of the horses.

As Carol begins to comfort the horse that is lying on the ground, she reaches over for a bowl, which viewers assumed would be for food or water. Instead, the bowl begins filling up with blood as the shocking realization that Carol has slit the horse’s throat comes rushing in.


Carol’s Most Shocking Moments

The horse’s death was by far the most traumatizing of that episode, but it was a painful reminder of Carol’s good nature being haunted by her disciplined pragmatism. Once again, Carol is the one who makes the tough decisions.

Carol’s shift from victim to warrior began way back in Season 4, when she decided to kill two of her own to stop a deadly illness from spreading throughout the prison.

The same season saw the birth of Carol’s iconic quote “Look at the flowers,” when she took it upon herself to protect Tyreese, Judith, and herself from a zombie-obsessed Lizzie.

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