**WARNING – Spoilers Ahead for Silent Witness**

Silent Witness is back on British screens for the premiere of Series 24, and the first episode went down a treat with fans.

After a bout of patient waiting, the long-running series returned, with fans happy to see familiar characters back on the small screen. However, some were left rather down in the dumps after the mention of some characters who would not be returning, including Thomas Chamberlain, Clarissa Mullery, and Harry Cunningham.

Silent Witness | Series 24 Trailer – BBC Trailers

Silent Witness | Series 24 Trailer – BBC Trailers

What Happened to Harry Cunningham in Silent Witness?

Harry Cunningham left for a professorship in New York, which brought about the character’s end on the show.

Son of a surgeon, Dr. Harry Cunningham joined The Thomas Lyell Centre as a trainee pathologist, working alongside Sam Ryan and new recruit Leo Dalton.

Throughout his time on Silent Witness, he had various romantic relationships, including colleague Nikki Alexander. However, the seventh and eighth episodes of Series 14, titled ‘Bloodlines’, narrated the events unraveling around Harry’s murdered Hungarian girlfriend Anna Sandor.

Harry was then framed for her murder and subsequently went on the run. He was chased by Anna’s real killer and it was proposed that Harry was killed by the assassin, according to Leo who heard gunshots and later found a burnt body.

It was later revealed that Harry faked his own death, disappearing after learning that Anna was pregnant at the time of her death, but he managed to clear his name in the end and return home to England.

The eleventh and twelfth episodes of Series 15, titled ‘And Then I Fell in Love’, saw Harry’s flat destroyed in an explosion, which prompted him to move in with Nikki temporarily. This season then saw Harry leave for New York.

Silent Witness Series 24

Silent Witness has now returned for Series 24, and fans experienced tears of joy and sadness on Twitter for a few reasons.

Firstly, fans were just overjoyed to have the series back for another chapter, after its already healthy longevity, but there was another reason why viewers reached for the Kleenex.

Within the premiere episode, returning Emilia Fox’s Nikki Alexander and David Caves’ Jack Hodgson, a brief mention of Harry Cunningham, Clarissa Mullery, and Thomas Chamberlain left no dry eye in the house amongst the Silent Witness fandom.

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