If you’re guilty of a TikTok binge now and then, you’ve likely come across the ‘mi papa se divorcio de mi mama hace un año’ TikTok. We’re breaking down exactly what the viral video means.

The TikTok video has left people pretty baffled…

Watch the viral TikTok


mi mamá se divorcio de mi papá hace un años #videoviral #parati #fypシ

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Although the original TikTok has been deleted, the video is still circulating on social media, confusing users!

Mi papa se divorcio de mi mama hace un año explained

According to CelebPie, the original TikTok captions, overlaying a man and woman dancing, translate to: “My dad and mom divorced a year ago.”

It later goes on to read: “I went to live with him.”

The last caption reportedly stated: “But the problem is that there was only bed.”

Obviously, this left TikTok users pretty stunned, with many wondering how the man and woman in the video were linked. Some thought that the two could be step-dad and step-daughter whilst others theorised that they perhaps had no family relation at all – maybe the video was a parody!

It’s not clear why the original TikTok was taken down and the two people in the video are still unknown. Guess they were just one-hit wonders to go viral on TikTok!

Photo by Katja Knupper/Die Fotowerft/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

TikTok users react to viral video

The viral TikTok has certainly left TikTokers scratching their heads…

One person commented: “what!?”

Another wrote (translated): “But what happened there?”

Somebody else took to the comment section: “More context please?”

Another asked (translated): “Someone explain to me what happened here…”

“Wait what is happening right now?”

Trust us, we’re just as confused!

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