Sonic Colors Ultimate is a disaster on Nintendo Switch because of countless glitches and players have reportedly been able to get a refund.

Blind Squirrel Entertainment and SEGA have acknowledged the undeniable issues and promised that a fix is on the way. The blue hedgehog’s social media manager has also asked fans to flag and submit legitimate issues with the game to help with fixing the experience.

No release date has been given for this patch and possibly others, but you can try to return the game right now while it remains in its buggy state.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate – Meet the Wisps!

Sonic Colors: Ultimate – Meet the Wisps!

Sonic Colors Ultimate glitches

Nintendo Switch players are reporting dozens of glitches for Sonic Colors Ultimate on the handheld console.

There are plenty of bugs and hiccups that are real and fatal to the game. Nintendo World Report was creating a review with version 1.0.3, and they have uploaded a short video which confirms that the technical faults are real and chaotic.

Some simply involve Sonic falling through the game worlds, whereas others will make you feel as though you’re on LSD and not in a good way.

Fake glitches

Although lots of the game-breaking bugs are authentic, there are also fake glitches that have been spread online.

A Twitter user named ExtraKontaru is alleged to have spread footage of technical bugs using the Yizu emulator rather than actual Nintendo Switch hardware. Their account has been deleted.

The game’s social media manager has acknowledged bugs caused by emulators, and the unfortunate news is that this will slow down the QA process for fixing copies of the game on legitimate software.

How to get Sonic Colors Ultimate refund

You can try to get a refund for Sonic Colors Ultimate on Nintendo Switch by contacting customer support.

It’s not official that Nintendo are providing refunds for the game, but some Twitter users claim to have gotten their money back by complaining about the abundance of glitches. Sega has said that a patch is in the works, but – if you’d rather not wait – you can contact customer support via the customer service phone number or the below steps:

  • Visit Contact Nintendo Support
  • Choose your region of residence and sign in with your account
  • Confirm your country of residence and select Nintendo eShop purchase and refunds from the dropdown category menu
  • Then click refund for download game or DLC from topic
  • You will get then a message basically saying refunds are not possible, so select contact Nintendo support below
  • Fill in your details which include your account name, console serial number, eShop transaction number and game’s name
  • Explain that you want a refund because of all the glitches making Sonic Colors Ultimate unplayable

Again, it’s not 100% official that Nintendo are offering refunds, but some disgruntled players claim to have received one.

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