‘Yoongi’s GF’ is the latest Twitter trend that created yet another historic moment for BTS ARMY! If you are wondering who is Yoongi’s GF, read on to know how a BTS ARMY gathered over half of 100,000 listeners ‘screaming Bangtan’s lyrics.’

On September 6 morning, BTS ARMY found a Twitter space titled  “bts but im screaming the lyrics.” Soon after, the Twitter space got converted into a mini impromptu BTS and TXT concert where fans yelled BTS and TXT lyrics instead of singing them. Listen to a snippet of the Twitter space below.

Who is Yoongi’s gf?

A Twitter user titled ‘Yoongi’s gf’ (@CARROTBUNK00) started a Twitter space called ‘bts but Im screaming the lyrics.” Very soon, the space turned out to be a mini BTS concert venue where Bangtan fans bopped to various BTS songs ‘screaming’ editions.

A BTS fan said, “pov: she saved your day, we only believe in yoongi’s gf supremacy!” Another new Yoongi’s gf stan chimed in adding, “I love to see different fandom enjoying her space, I believe in yoongi’s gf supremacy!”

BTS ARMY was also ecstatic getting a live version of ‘Louder Than Bombs’ screaming edition live after the track has been fairly ‘ignored’ by Bangtan Boys.

A fan quipped, ‘BTS running to the HYBE hallway to tell bang pd that they need to perform louder than bombs live before yoongi’s gf does it first!” A second ARMY stated facts saying, “we really got yoongi’s gf performing louder than bombs before yoongi himself!”

BTS ARMY space creates new history

The Twitter space that started from a fan’s ‘boredom’ led to creating a historic number marking a record number of listeners of 60,000. Fans of different K-pop groups joined to enjoy the unique celebration of K-pop. Check out some of the hilarious memes and responses for the trend below.

A fan tweeted, “I bet she became one of those that will remain in army’s history like “2021 army remember yoongi’s gf beating a record by doing a space screaming lyrics!”

Another similar tweet read, “Everyone! Let’s thank Yoongi’s gf for this concert, she just made all the fandoms gathered together and made history in Kpop! Praying for her throat!”

Meanwhile, BTS has entered the prestigious Guinness World Records Book 2022 Hall of Fame thanks to their 23 record-breaking achievements. Check where to get BTS GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS BOOK here.

Stream BTS Thee remix below.

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