Who doesn’t love to binge a good box set every so often?

Parked on the sofa with snacks, drinks, and all the comforts of home, able to move onto the next episode within mere seconds.

In the age of streaming, we’ve grown used to the luxury, but it’s not always possible. Back before the likes of Netflix and so forth, we pretty much had to wait a week or so for the next episode of our TV obsessions.

It’s becoming rarer by the day and that perhaps makes Vigil on BBC One feel all the more special.

Audiences were treated to the first episode on Sunday, August 29th, and the second the following day. However, they then had to wait until Sunday for some imperative answers.

Fans flocked to iPlayer in search of Vigil episode 4 straight after 3, but no, it wasn’t there. With this in mind, let’s consider the air date and how many more episodes we have to tune in for…


Vigil episode 4 air date

  • Episode 4 of Vigil is scheduled to premiere on BBC One on Sunday, September 12th at 9 pm.

After receiving the first two episodes over the course of two days, viewers can now expect to see one episode air each Sunday until the series concludes.

As for what to expect, the Radio Times has already included a synopsis for the forthcoming episode:

“Amy confronts one of the crew with her discoveries about their deception, but with her mental health suffering, questions are asked about her fitness to investigate. On land, Kirsten refuses to bow to pressure from the authorities and has concerns that they are orchestrating a cover up. As she closes in on the killer, their capture reveals the grave threat that the vessel faces.”

Of course, the cast of characters we’ve quickly grown attached to will return and Isabelle Sieb will serve as the director for the episodic installment.

Now, beyond episode 4, what more can we look forward to?

Vigil | Trailer – BBC

Vigil | Trailer – BBC

How many episodes of Vigil are there?

Vigil will be made up of 6 episodes in total.

With the Sunday schedule locked in, the finale is expected to be with fans on Sunday, September 26th 2021.

You may already be speculating whether there will be a second season, but it’s important to address that Tom Edge’s latest six-part project is billed as a mini-series. So, it’s not worth approaching the finale with hopes for more.

Although, admittedly it wouldn’t be the first mini-series to be resurrected for more episodes if it does, indeed, earn such a fate.

“You have to keep up with it”

The show is actually inspired by the UK’s real-life Trident fleet and Suranne Jones (who plays DCI Amy Silva) opened up about navigating the script and so forth ahead of the premiere: “Being trapped under the water, and Amy having face things she hadn’t faced, was a really interesting concept for me – on top of it being a really good cop show.”

If you were thinking that it’s quite a busy story, you’re not alone:

“We talked about all the different aspects of Amy because I didn’t want anything to get lost. It’s such a busy script, because of the land investigation and the underwater investigation, and as you’ll see, you have to keep up with it because there are a lot of strands to keep on top of, and a lot of characters.”

When episode 4 arrives, expect plenty of information to digest.

Vigil continues with episode 4 on Sunday, September 12th 2021.

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