YouTube fans of The Tim Tracker family wonder what happened with the vloggers and why they haven’t attended recent events at Disney World spots. Here’s the drama explained.

The couple recently posted a stream video where they addressed the issue and talked about Halloween Horror Nights 2021 at Orlando Universal.

The Tim Tracker on YouTube

Who is Tim Tracker?

Tim and Jenn Tracker are behind the Tim Tracker channel where they have 863,000 subscribers.

Having been born and raised in Florida, the couple have gained experience of the best spots when it comes to food, attraction and beaches.

The Tim Tracker stars provide useful content on theme parks and destinations across the United States and other countries across the globe.

The vloggers have 268,000 followers on Instagram and 101.9k followers on their Twitter account.

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What happened with The Tim Tracker family?

In a recent stream video, Jenn and Tim have claimed that they are no longer invited to media events by Disney World and Universal Studios after resurfaced old videos.

According to the couple, they became victims of a trolling campaign when social media users allegedly created an email campaign and sent complaints to Disney and other local attractions about the old videos.

Jenn and Tim have since removed the videos and apologised for the content which might have upset some people.

According to Tim, their last full event at Halloween Horror Nights, which is now onto its 30th year, was back in 2019.

Disney World and Universal Studios haven’t addressed the situation despite many requests and mentions from fans on Twitter.

Fans have created a petition

A petition on has been created to restore Tim Tracker’s media access at Disney World and Universal Studios.

Many people agree that Tim and Jenn provide useful information on local attractions and would like to see them back at local events.

Fans have also taken to Twitter to share their support and raise awareness about the issue.

“I’d love to see Tim Tracker back making videos with you. Their videos have done a lot of good promoting Universal and HHN to people who have never been before, like me. Please could you reconsider building bridges?” tweeted one fan.

Another one added: “Hello, I would like to sincerely ask you to invite Tim and Jen tracker back to your media events. I think they do a good job. I think they are extremely popular. And I think that they are good ambassadors for Universal.”

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