The Boyz Younghoon and Weki Meki Kim Doyeon are coming back as a K-drama cast for ‘One The Woman.’ The new rom-com offering of SBS is all set to release on September 17, 2021. Here’s all you need to know about Younghoon and Kim Doyeon’s first K-drama together.

K-pop fans have taken to Twitter to celebrate the swoon-worthy chemistry of the on-screen couple. Previously, Kim Doyeon and The Boyz’ Younghoon were featured together in the song ‘Whatta Man’ by I.O.I.

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One The Woman cast explored

‘Be Melodramatic’ star Lee Ha Nee and Lee Sang-Yoon will portray the main lead of ‘One The Woman.’

According to the Asian Wiki plot synopsis, “Jo Yeon-Joo (Lee Ha-Nee) is a corrupt prosecutor. Due to a case, she loses her memory. She begins to live as daughter-in-law Kang Mi-Na (Lee Ha-Nee) of a chaebol family, who looks just like Jo Yeon-Joo.’

Han Seung-Wook portrayed by Lee Sang-Yoon is the son of a rich family. The synopsis explains, “He hasn’t gotten over his first love. He gets involved with Jo Yeon-Joo, who lost her memory.”

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The Boyz Younghoon and Weki Meki Kim Doyeon

The Boyz artist Younghoon and Weki Meki’s K-pop stars Doyeon will be portraying the younger version of the protagonists.

While Younghoon will be playing Lee Sang Yoon’s character Han Seung Wook, Kim Doyeon will be seen in dual roles, enacting the younger versions of both Kang Mi Na and Jo Yeon Joo.

The Boyz Younghoon and Weki Meki’s Kim Doyeon in ‘One The Woman’ (SBS Drama Instagram)

The K-drama cast revealed, “Kim Doyeon and Younghoon completed the past of Kang Mina and Han Seungwook with their mysterious and bright charms more faintly and deeply. The two performed passionately, so please check it out.”

Younghoon and Kim Doyeon show stunning chemistry as Twitter’s new favorite K-drama couple

K-pop fans have been swooning over the adorable chemistry of Younghoon and Kim Doyeon in ‘One The Woman.’

Speaking of the new favorite K-pop couple, a fan gushed, “from being in the same music video to starring in the same drama, Younghoon and Doyeon have already come so far. as an IOI stan and a deobi, I feel so proud of both of them!”

Another fan tweeted, “SBS truly nailed it by casting Younghoon and Doyeon as the younger version of Honey Lee and Sangyoon!!”

A third fan opined, “Doyeon and Younghoon deserve a drama of their own all together plz they look so good!”

‘One The Woman’ will be airing from SBS from September 17. Find the K-drama in Rakuten Viki here.

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