We’ve all felt the familiar sting of heartbreak in our lives.

Perhaps it was being dumped by your partner, losing out on the job of your dreams, the passing of an idol… seeing MacGyver had been cancelled.

Yeah, that last one definitely stung, didn’t it?

You could argue that reboots rarely hit the spot, but legions of viewers would agree that Peter M. Lenkov’s CBS series successfully breathed new life into the beloved character of “Mac”.

Lucas Till tackled the titular role and the series premiered back in 2016, existing within the same universe as Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum P.I. It immediately earned a dedicated following, of which shared a collective sigh upon the unfortunate news.

The finale aired back in April 2021 and since then there has been efforts on the behalf of the fandom to resurrect the series. While it’s looking increasingly unlikely that we’ll see Lucas and the gang return, it’s worth asking what we’re missing out on. So, what exactly would MacGyver season 6 have delivered?

still from “MacGyver”, 101st Street Entertainment et al.

What would MacGyver season 6 have delivered?

Prepare to feel the pain of the cancellation all over again.

Although the plug was pulled on the CBS series, the team had an idea of where they were going to go if renewed for a sixth season.

For example, CinemaBlend includes that we would’ve seen the nanobot plot continue to thicken and showrunner Monica Macer revealed some specifics while chatting with TV Line:

“We had always planned that [Mac and Riley] would go through this procedure that basically destroys the nanobots in their body, and next season we wanted to play a Manchurian Candidate storyline, potentially, where the research led by Marcato and the rogue scientists in the government was going to get activated by a villainous force.”

“That’s one of the storylines that we were circling,” she added, and indeed, there’s more where that came from.

Continuing to elaborate, Monica addressed that “there were a couple of other episodes that we had already sort of mapped out for next season. Like, we wanted to do a Black Hawk Down episode where we pick up the thread of Desi’s fiancé who had died — or so she thought, but we find out he’s a POW at the top of the episode and we go on a mission.”

A baby too!?

If the above doesn’t sound hectic and eventful enough, then not to mind; there’s more to consider.

Beyond the action and spectacle, we would’ve been invited to follow Sofia and Russ embarking upon the journey of parenthood.

In the aforementioned interview, Monica included that the pair “…were going to have a little tryst that was ultimately going to end up with Sofia getting pregnant and Russ becoming a father. That was sort of the long game that we were playing [with Sofia].”

So, the unplanned pregnancy storyline was being built up to, but essentially laying the foundation there was all in vain, unfortunately.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow | Season Trailer | The CW

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow | Season Trailer | The CW

Why was MacGyver cancelled?

Despite no explicit reason being addressed when the news broke, Newsweek acknowledges that – at the time – MacGyver had average weekly viewing figures of just under five million people.

To put this into perspective, looking at the previous season’s figures you can identify that it lost a fifth of its audience.

When it was performing at its best, almost eight million viewers were tuning in. Perhaps the cancellation was inevitable considering that it was performing just behind NCIS: New Orleans, which was also cancelled.

Additionally, there was a decreased viewership in the 18-40 demographic, which TV advertisers tend to prioritise over other groups.