The ending of the finale of popular Netflix series ‘Clickbait’ has got avid watchers slightly confused, let’s explore what goes on focusing on Kai in particular.

The eight-episode series takes so many twists and turns it can be hard to keep up with; especially as the finale extravaganza left so many viewers surprised and wanting more.

Each family member gets their own episode in the series as they come to terms with The Brewer family secrets that start to unfold.

Clickbait | Official Trailer | Netflix

Clickbait | Official Trailer | Netflix

Does Kai die in Clickbait?

  • No, Kai does not die in Clickbait.

The premise follows Nick Brewer aka Adrian Grenier who gets kidnapped and held hostage, posted holding a sign saying “AT 5 MILLION VIEWS I DIE.” His sister Pia, wife Sophie, and two sons Kai and Ethan along with many other helpers search for him. But as the video goes viral and the view count rises, they become helpless.

If you’re all caught up you’ll know that the finale finds Kai aka Camaron Engels show up at the address that traces back to Nick’s catfish. He is met with Dawn, who is an administrator from Nick’s work. It turns out that she had used his pictures to set up multiple dating profiles.

Kai, confused that Dawn is at the catfish’s address accepts her invitation into the house. Dawn and Ed take Kai to their trailer and confiscate his phone. Kai shares Dawn’s address with Sophie and Ethan which means the police are on their way to save the day.

Kai hears the couple confess to what they have done, and then makes an escape by smashing a window and running away. The police then arrest Dawn, but Ed chases after Kai and holds a gun to him. Dawn then distracts Ed, confusing him to let Kai go, and Ed is shot down by the police.

Ending of Netflix series explained

Ed is a character who we meet in the finale and he is Dawn’s husband. Shockingly, Ed turns out to be the one who killed Nick after he threatened to reveal everything about Dawn and the dating profiles. To silence him Ed comes up behind him and kills Nick with a hammer. Dawn and Ed had been covering up Nick’s murder together.

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