The release date and time for Pinhead in Dead by Daylight is on the cusp meaning all DBD players will soon be able to step into the boots of the S&M priest from Hellraiser.

BeHaviour Interactive’s rogue gallery of horror icons features royalty such as Ghostface from Scream, Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2, and – most recently – Nemesis from Resident Evil. The cast and monster from Stranger Things will no longer be in the game for anyone who doesn’t purchase their bundle soon, so make sure to buy the Netflix DLC while it’s still available.

Although there are plenty of famously grotesque antagonists already in the game, there’s none quite as brutal, callous and sadistic as the forthcoming hellish priest.

Dead by Daylight | Hellraiser | Pinhead Reveal

Dead by Daylight | Hellraiser | Pinhead Reveal

What time does Pinhead come out in DBD?

The release date and time for when Dead by Daylight Chapter 21 will start and Pinhead will come out is 09:00 PT, 12:00 ET, and 17:00 BST on September 7th.

All of the above launch hours come courtesy of the game’s countdown timer on its website. Aside from the demon with a fetish for leather and ripping away people’s skin with chains, the developer update preview says that the forthcoming patch will also introduce skill-based matchmaking.

BeHaviour Interactive has tested out the system before, and they claim it resulted in fairer competitions for players of all skill levels. SBMM will result in a few other changes such as Ranks becoming Grades and featuring all new icons.

Dead by Daylight Chapter 21 price

No price has been revealed for Dead by Daylight Chapter 21 and Pinhead from Hellraiser.

It could cost as little as £3.49 similar to Ghost Face from Scream and the crazed Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or it could come at £6.49 similar to the SAW and Halloween chapters.

Chapter 20 and Resident Evil is £9.49, but that came with more than just an additional rogue as it packed Nemesis along with Jill and Leon.

Cenobite changes

BeHaviour Interactive has made the following changes to the Hellraiser cenobite:

  • Tweaked gateway placement to be easier on maps with multiple floors – This’ll prevent cases where you look ever so slightly down and end up accidentally placing your gateway on the floor below
  • Added a brief immunity period to chains after being unhooked (3 seconds) – This will prevent a Survivor who was just unhooked from being chained before they can move
  • Added a maximum control time for gateways (6 seconds) – The Cenobite’s power is meant to be fast paced and used in a chase, not to be placed somewhere and wait
  • Added a brief cooldown to the solve interaction to prevent spamming (1 second) – Spamming the interaction would give the Killer way too many notifications
  • Increased Bloodpoints for The Cenobite’s scoring event across the board – Bloodpoint earnings were lower than anticipated in the PTB

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