Spoilers ahead for Money Heist Season 5

Netflix’s hit show Money Heist has returned with its latest installment. Part 5 of the critically acclaimed drama series has yet again managed to make an impression among its viewers. 

The first four seasons of the series took fans on an adventurous ride, be it with Tokyo and Rio’s whirlwind romance that lands them in trouble or Nairobi’s tragic death. But, it isn’t over just yet.

Part 5 of the Spanish show runs high on drama, action, romance, and much more, thus keeping the audience glued to their screens. While some parts of the latest season got fans emotional, a few were subjected to online memes. 

Unlike the previous four seasons that saw the Professor lead the heist, the latest offering is headlined by other characters that are seen mastering a plan inside the Bank of Spain. 

Shortly after the series dropped on Netflix, fans of the show rushed to Twitter to share a number of memes that other viewers could relate to. If you’re looking for a laugh, have a look at these Money Heist memes below. 

13 funniest Money Heist memes

Fans anticipate next season already

Controlling emotions isn’t easy

Arturo Down #MoneyHeist

Part 5 Vol. 2 is out on 3rd December!! Too long.. I’ll wait patiently..

Season 5 Part 1 finale highlights of Stockholm!

Tokyo in the final scene of Money Heist

Tokyo’s death is hard to digest

Fans didn’t expect this!

Arturo will not be missed

Just finished watching the last episode of Money Heist and…


Waiting for #MoneyHeist part 2 after finishing part 1 of Season 5 in one day:

Money Heist: Part 5 Vol. 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Money Heist: Part 5 Vol. 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

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