Ever since series three of Money Heist and the arrival of Berlin’s ex-wife Tatiana, there have been two characters who have been surrounded by mystery.

Avid watchers of the series have emerged with a rather believable theory about Tatiana’s character. As the past couple of seasons have focused on Tatiana who is played wonderfully by Diana Gómez.

Since her first appearance fans have questioned whether she has some sort of link to Alicia Sierra aka Najwa Nimri who is the police inspector. Read on as we delve into this theory.

Who is Tatiana in Money Heist?

  • Tatiana is played by Diana Gómez and she is the ex-wife of Berlin.

Tatiana is one of Berlin’s five ex-wives and she is first introduced by Berlin in a photo that is shown to Professor. In season three Tatiana is further introduced as she approaches Professor herself for a rather dramatic reveal.

Following Berlin and Tatiana’s wedding Professor shames Berlin for marrying someone so young, knowing that the marriage would not work out for a variety of reasons.

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Possibly because Professor knows that it is dangerous that she knows inside details of the heist plan. It could be suggested that Alicia is an older version of Tatiana and that the two characters are actually the same person.

The theory that the two characters are the same person may be flawed for a couple of reasons. One being that Professor doesn’t vocally recognise Alicia, even though he went to Tatiana and Berlin’s wedding. Professor would have surely clocked on that the woman who was married to his brother and would have had inside knowledge on the heist is now the lead police investigator. Also, the fact that Alicia and Tatiana are played by different actresses does hint that they are seperate people.

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Diana Gómez’s character explored

However, there is a massive similarity between Berlin’s ex-wife Tatiana and Alicia Sierra. This leads many fans to believe that they’re actually the same person as they both came into the series in season 3 and look ridiculously similar, not only because of their ginger hair, their faces are alike too.

Even though Tatiana is yet to appear outside of flashbacks, maybe it’s time for her to be introduced on the current storyline; or better yet a plot twist between her and Alicia’s character

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