Drake is not holding back in his latest album, Certified Lover Boy. In fact, the Canadian rapper literally name drops Ayesha Curry in one track – how did her husband, Steph, react?

Fingers crossed that the Curry couple are Drake fans!

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Drake mentions Ayesha Curry in CLB track

Drake’s Race My Mind mentions Ayesha Curry, actress and wife of Stephen “Steph” Curry. Don’t worry though, the reference certainly isn’t a diss – it’s more of a compliment!

On the track, Drake raps: “How am I supposed to wife it? You not Ayesha enough”

The question is, how does Ayesha’s basketball player husband feel about the lyric?

How did Steph Curry react to Ayesha lyric?

Luckily for Drake, it seems as though the 33-year-old basketball pro is a fan because no issues were caused.

In fact, Curry even congratulated the rapper on his album release, tweeting: “Congrats Bro!”

According to Hollywood Life, Steph Curry and Drake were even spotted at Drake’s OVO court in Toronto back in 2020 – there’s definitely no bad blood here!

Fans react to Race My Mind reference

In true Twitter fashion, fans have taken to the platform to make light of the Ayesha Curry reference.

One fan joked: “”How am I supposed to wife if you not Ayesha enough” hit straight in my feels. it’s the way y’all gonna be telling them ladies “You not Ayesha enough” Thank you Drake.””

Another tweeted: “Honestly, I’m happy Drake shouted out Ayesha in a positive way because… y’all been doing too much and dragging sis for years for basically nada.”

Another hilariously wrote: “Maybe some of us don’t wanna be a damn Ayesha, Drake.”

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