Internet slang has been a thing for years, but TikTok has made it a whole lot more confusing.

Gone are the days of ‘BRB’, ‘FYI’ or ‘LAWL’. TikTok users have created a whole new vocabulary of slang that is often pretty difficult to understand.

From ‘simp’ to ‘cheugy’, ‘FYP’ to ‘heather’, the app is full of weird and wonderful slang terms.

The latest one is ‘1437’, and here’s what it means…

TikTok – Hum Nose Trailer

TikTok – Hum Nose Trailer

What does 1437 mean?

The slang term ‘1437’ means ‘I love you forever’.

If you see someone using the numbers ‘1437’ on TikTok, they are telling someone that they will love them forever.

So, it’s essentially just a term of endearment, like saying ‘ILY’, but people on TikTok like to be extra confusing and talk using a secret code.

Why does 1437 mean ‘I love you forever’?

You now know what 1437 means, but you’re probably still pretty confused as to why, right? Well let’s explain it.

The numbers relate to the number of letters in each word…

I = 1 letter
Love = 4 letters
You = 3 letters
Forever = 7 letters

If you put all those numbers together, you get 1437. It all makes sense now!

Three other TikTok dating slang terms

‘1437’ is just one of the slang terms people using whilst dating, and there are a whole host more on TikTok.

Here are three you should probably learn…

  • Incel – a member of an online subculture of people who say they are unable to get a romantic or sexual partner.
  • Roaching –  sleeping around with lots of people at once.
  • Simp – a man who is very attentive and submissive towards their female partner.

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