On Thursday, September 2, Nicki Minaj posted two adorable videos of her son on Instagram. The clips capture her interaction with the baby, during which the rapper calls him ‘Papa,’ confusing fans about his real name.

Fans were shocked to learn about the Anaconda rapper’s pregnancy last year. Nicki, who is loved for her bold and open persona, was surprisingly secretive about being pregnant.

However, unlike a lot of celebrities, Nicki openly shares pictures of her son on Instagram now.

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Nicki Minaj’s Instagram videos explored

The Grammy winner’s two Instagram posts from yesterday feature her husband, Kenneth Petty, and her son. In the first video, the Ganga Burns singer is heard referring to her son as ‘Papa,’ as she calls him a ‘cute boy.’ Another clip in the same post sees Nicki wishing him ‘good morning.’

However, it was the second video that caught the attention of many fans. In the clip, Nicki refers to her son as ‘Papa’ again, as she urges him to say “Mia mama love dada.”

She goes on to encourage him to say ‘hi,’ to the camera, which he does say, leaving the singer and her husband shocked.

Millions of the rapper’s fans liked and responded to the Instagram posts. Nicki calling her son ‘Papa Bear’ quickly became a hot topic of discussion.

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Is Nicki’s son really named Papa Bear?

  • No, ‘Papa Bear’ is merely a nickname.

Nicki, who reportedly gave birth on September 30, 2020, has not revealed the name of her son yet.

During a radio appearance late in 2020, the Tusa rapper said that she had considered naming her son “Ninja”, but changed her mind at the last minute.

She has been heard calling the baby boy ‘Papa Bear’ on Instagram every now and then. In January this year, the singer posted an adorable picture of her son and wrote in the captions: “#PapaBear thank you so very much for choosing me to be your mama.”

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Fans react to the rapper’s nickname for her son

Nicki’s fandom is swooning over the adorable videos of her son ever since the rapper shared them on Instagram. Here’s how a few fans reacted to the nickname ‘Papa Bear’

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