Drake’s Certified Lover Boy features a star-studded list of cameos, including Jay Z and Nicki Minaj. To the surprise of many, another familiar name is reportedly credited on the album: R Kelly.

Outlets state that the 54-year-old singer is credited as a co-lyricist.

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Certified Lover Boy credits R Kelly

Fans are questioning R Kelly’s credit on Drake’s lastest album, Certified Lover Boy (CLB), which dropped September 3rd.

Credited for the track ‘TSU’, 54-year-old R Kelly is listed as a composer, alongside Justin Timberlake and T Mosley.

As per The Independent, some believe that R Kelly’s credit is owed due to an N*Sync song that is sampled on the track. The singer reportedly contributed to this, though this theory is yet to be verified.

Whatever the reason may be, fans have been left baffled, given Kelly’s legal issues.

The singer is currently facing trial in New York City after being charged with racketeering.

Fans question R Kelly’s credit

Drake fans have taken to Twitter to question why R Kelly, who is facing serious allegations, has been credited for ‘TSU’.

One person tweeted: “I very much hate Manson and DaBaby being on Donda, but you better keep that same energy with R Kelly being on drake’s new album.”

Another wrote: “Listen I get you dont have to clear the sample with R Kelly directly but still man. Drake should’ve known better.”

Somebody else questioned: “So, why would Drake and his people choose to use a sample that would require an R Kelly credit in 2021? In the middle of his trial?”

Who else is on Drake’s latest album?

CLB features a wealth of music icons, including Nicki Minaj, Jay Z, Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, and Giveon.

The album is out now and available to stream on all major music streaming platforms.

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