Ex-AOA member Mina’s sexual assault case has taken a new turn as Busan Metropolitan police have launched an investigation into what happened between the singer and an alleged now ‘married man‘.

Earlier, K-pop star Kwon Mina appeared on the first episode of JumJumTV’s ‘Blessed Show,’ where she openly talked about her painful past. The singer also revealed her close bond with late K-pop artist, Sulli.

Mina spoke about Jimin ‘bullying’ her, before shedding light on her teenage days when she was apparently a victim of sexual assault.

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Ex-AOA Mina sexual assault case update

Former AOA member Mina broke her silence on her sexual assault case. The 27-year-old K-pop star revealed that she was assaulted at the age of 14.

She divulged on the show: “I was hit for more than 4 hours with a beer bottle. I got hit all over my body except for my face. That would have been fine, but there was rape and injury.”

Mina also talked about the case and the perpetrator. She explained: “The statute of limitations is until 2021, and I honestly don’t expect anything to happen. He’s now married with three children.”

Police start case investigation

Based on Mina’s statement on the show, the Busan Metropolitan Police have started their investigation.

The authority said: “The Woman’s Youth Crime Investigation Team is investigating former AOA group member Mina’s sexual assault case. We can’t reveal details because the investigation is ongoing.”

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Mina opens up about her friendship with late SM Entertainment artist Sulli

Mina has always been vocal about her mental health troubles. The K-pop star was recently admitted to a hospital after she reportedly attempted to harm herself.

Speaking about her mental health, Mina talked about how Sulli was her friend throughout all her difficulties.

She candidly said: “Life in Seoul was so hard, and the only friend in Seoul who I could share such hardships with was Sulli. I was so lonely in Seoul, but we comforted each other by talking about such difficulties.”

Mina added: “Sulli was a really good person. I’m sorry if you’re uncomfortable with me mentioning her, but I really miss her as a friend too. I’m sorry that I didn’t know the pain my friend was going through. When I asked if she was okay, she said she was, so I really thought she was. I regret that I can’t tell her anything now.”

Mina didn’t shy away from addressing the most controversial topic of Jimin ‘bullying’ her either.

The ‘Loss Time Life’ star admitted: I wasn’t an outcast. It was [Jimin’s] one-sided bullying towards me. When I started getting bullied when I first became a trainee, I thought I was getting bullied because I was a trainee. However, after time passed, I realized she was only bullying me. She used verbal violence and actual violence against me as well.”

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